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Rating Stats for

Martijn Pieters

1810.39 (4th)
415,866 (13th)
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Title Δ
Saving python argparse file 0.00
Cannot break out of while loop in python +0.13
Python filter on datetime range? +0.14
Flask returning posted JSON back 0.00
Python update a key in dict if it doesn't exist +0.83
How do I perform a `HAVING` on a `func.count`? 0.00
Error: Could not find or load main class in python 0.00
np.isnan() == False, but np.isnan() is not False +0.84
How to make a class which has __getattr__ properly pickable? +0.14
cls behaviour in inherited classmethod of a decorated class 0.00
One liner for handling dictionary KeyError 0.00
Python conditional expression invalid syntax 0.00
Two conditions for nested while loop in Python? 0.00
python csv reader skipping 2 rows 0.00
Should I avoid converting to a string if a value is already a string? 0.00
python decorator adds function to list on object +0.14
Testing if mock was called with other mock 0.00
Python3 print raw byte 0.00
Python 2.7 - inheritance - class methods - class attributes 0.00
How do I execute a class function in another file? +0.15
TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for %: 'NoneType' an... 0.00
Try-Except-Else-Finally return in else alternative? -1.53
Roll back after using sys.setdefaultencoding("utf-8") to... 0.00
"for" loop not working in python 3.6 0.00
Why doesn't Python include number of digits I specify after the... +0.78
create custom namedtuple type with extra features -0.43
TypeError 'tuple' object is not callable +0.76
Python public getter with private setter property 0.00
Python introspection: get the argument list of a method_descriptor? +0.15
How to create a copy of python iterator? 0.00
Flask: return error code 401.x 0.00
What's the pythonic way to split a string using a list of sizes? +0.67
is there a difference between curl -u and python requests +0.15
'list' object has no attribute 'method' 0.00
How do I sign a POST request using HMAC-SHA512 and the Python reque... 0.00
Python - convert unicode and hex to unicode 0.00
What is the different in the use of `round` vs. `__round__` in pyth... 0.00
Converting raw ASCII text with UTF-8 encoded characters represented... +0.14
How to add strip after split in lambda? +1.00
How can I get python ''.encode('unicode_escape') to... -2.73
Weave two dictionaries into one +0.14
Python: What libraries are 'standard libraries'? 0.00
How to convert url encoded string into proper unicode string in pyt... +0.14
Python: How to know if the OS/CPU is 64bits +0.14
jinja2 link to static files 0.00
Terminal command escaping issue +0.15
Does Python '.join' keeps the input data order? 0.00
creating a method that returns multiple values 0.00
flask UnboundLocalError: local variable 'shift1' referenced... 0.00
How can I get the attribute name when working with descriptor proto... +0.12