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1765.30 (22nd)
327,725 (33rd)
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Title Δ
Which Modernizr css class determines if translateX() can be used? 0.00
What is the simplest way to edit CSS variables with jQuery? 0.00
How can you use CSS variables with JavaScript to change images? +0.17
In an <article>, can <figure> semantically be put insid... 0.00
Delete HTML element in Chrome DevTools without deleting its children? -0.54
Micro clearfix negative bottom margins don't work -2.94
Why is <s> not listed as Phrasing Content on MDN? 0.00
Can I add alpha transparency to a CSS color variable? +0.42
What is the difference between createElementNS with a prefix and wi... 0.00
using display optiions in css removes numbers and bullets -0.17
CSS specificity: [parent ID] [descendant combinator (space)] [my cl... -1.21
Prevent invert filter from affecting selection 0.00
CSS: margin-right and parent element +1.04
CSS selector with parentheses and some sort of index in style inspe... 0.00
Multiple <a target=" "> attributes? 0.00
Why does the background image scale with this markup? 0.00
Why I can not use space after on :before :after content when using... +0.18
Why does DOM children property behave differently for empty and non... 0.00
A CSS wildcard selector to match dynamic classnames? 0.00
Targeting a class value that begins with a space -1.30
Does the <aside> element belong to the main outline? 0.00
Is it possible to use the :not() selector to target specific text n... +0.69
Why child's width does not expand into parent's width in di... +0.65
Why is outline-width being ignored? -0.87
A floating div and a div below an absolute positioned div leads to... +0.17
Is it possible to add border outside the margin using CSS? 0.00
What is the purpose of the nottracked="false" attribute i... 0.00
Is it safe to remove a property from the `0%` keyframe of a CSS ani... +0.52
Why does IComparer require you to define IComparer.Compare(Object x... 0.00
CSS Variable arrays - possible? +0.17
Understanding CSS Float +1.04
Why do <hr>, <br> and <em> elements belong to flo... -2.43
Why does an indexer property in a class need a private array field... 0.00
How do I apply opacity to a CSS color variable? +0.30
CSS Performance with Compound Selectors and Right-to-Left Parsing +0.79
In HTML, do ::after and ::before pseudoelements only work with rend... +0.17
Is there a purpose to repeating identical media query expressions i... 0.00
Difference between ways of participating into BFC/IFC 0.00
Is is possible to overwrite the browser's default font-size in... +0.16
How can a border cause margins to collapse? 0.00
Why = instead of - in selector results selects all 0.00
Using :not(:not()) to emulate (the hypothetical) :is() selector in... -1.18
Box model properties on anonymous inline boxes 0.00
I have to select the last 6 divs from 10 divs. Should I select it &... +0.18
Why is this CSS loaded with MIME type "text/troff"? 0.00
How do I create an element with multiple background images coming f... 0.00
css property will-change undefined behaviour +0.17
UWP doesn't use best scaled Splash Screen +0.18
attribute selector for class starts with and ends with 0.00
Setting z-index on a static element, with transform, different beha... 0.00