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Dj Dac

1372.68 (3,861,838th)
1,257 (66,735th)
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Title Δ
Writing text to image in python 2.7 using PIL 0.00
C Program Outputting an Error when I divide two variables -0.17
C program runs fine locally, but segfaults on remote server 0.00
How to fix this C++ program? -0.33
Determining locale with Babel and webapp2 -1.48
Assembly function recognition -1.55
Return all combinations from the matrix in Java +0.68
copy array of pointers and print the copy 0.00
How to swap digits in number? -0.45
How to round time to nearest 15 minute in java +0.52
Issue when removing false from list with isinstance +0.09
Why is the scanner not taking input when I run the code in intellij... 0.00
Blackjack game error? +0.68
Can't make a proper acquisition loop - C +0.17
How to read from text file and put data into 2D array with 3 parame... +0.17
numOfColors recursive function JAVA +0.32
Using Zipfile to create an archive +0.68
Java query, string.format for mathematical functions - floor, round... 0.00
how to fill an object based on a query param string? +0.21
Cannot append elements in struct array properly +1.94
C, String, File +0.68
How to execute a console commad in a Java application? 0.00
Spring Boot Test: Test Response throws "Could not find accepta... -0.36
Exploiting scraped data with python 0.00
sum of two arrays python 0.00
Linked list- find_node_data 0.00
Measuring speed up of a multi threaded C program (implementation us... 0.00
How to show text in a GridLayout? 0.00
Java how to get a random number every time a while loop begins? +0.70
How to access to first structure from second one - c -1.13
Get index number of a vector of structs 0.00
Segmentation fault using relational operators in if condidtion 0.00
Write a program that receives array of ints and calculates previous... 0.00
compiler doesn't see the second for loop 0.00
Property file is returning as null in Java 0.00
Write a program in C that will take a base and n digits and will ou... +0.34
C: pthread segfaults +0.18
What should I use for Java Web? 0.00
I want to print out the following to the console +1.50
Sqlite and langauge C Insert using scanf 0.00
How do i input this table in a text file into C? 0.00
How to delete nodes of a linked list between two indices? +2.64
c - Linux piping 3 commands doesn't work 0.00
value of an integer changes out of nowhere 0.00
The program crashes after reading the first scanf (int type) when i... 0.00
Count files with a specific extension in directories and subdirecto... -0.10
why do I get wrong answer in c code for some of the input? -0.33
having trouble with scan a string in an infinity loop in c 0.00
Copying values from array to 2d table 0.00
How to display data that we entered from another function in C by u... 0.00