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Martin R

1776.20 (15th)
186,031 (103rd)
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Title Δ
Filter string by using exact substring +0.16
passing self from Objective C to C++, no more deallocation 0.00
Get next alphabet of a character +0.17
How do I make a CFLocale for a target language? +0.17
iOS 10 timezone format trouble with dates created as timeIntervalSi... 0.00
Swift 3 how to parse DATA 0.00
UIView method swizzling swift 3 0.00
Best Data get/set uint8 at index / Data masking 0.00
What's wrong with my average function? in swift +0.17
String Formatter for string constants in Swift? +0.15
Swift 3 subscript range works for first cluster but not for middle 0.00
Difference between 2 dates in weeks and days using swift 3 and xcod... +0.76
Converting a single string with coordinates into an array of CLLoca... +0.89
How to do a "say" in Swift 3 inside command-line program? -0.39
Swift Convert Int[] to Int variable -0.84
Swift calling static methods: type(of: self) vs explicit class name -2.17
Strange String.unicodeScalars and CharacterSet behaviour 0.00
Swift on Ubuntu: use of undeclared type 'NSFileHandle' 0.00
How to get timezone offset as ±hh:mm? 0.00
Convert plain string to JSON and back in Swift 0.00
Getting Expected declaration error when using emoji as variable name 0.00
How to Add an Extension to Swift Array To Conditionally Append? 0.00
Swift Accelerate for Mean & Standard Deviation 0.00
Efficient algorithm for maximum value and its index in Swift array +0.88
How to create several cached UIColor +0.17
NSAttributedString and emojis: issue with positions and lengths 0.00
NSPredicate - compare with a rounded int 0.00
Swift 3: Binary operator '!==' cannot be applied to two ... -3.04
How can I test for the error in machine precision as I change the v... 0.00
Difficulty getting readLine() to work as desired on HackerRank +0.17
Do-–°atch and overflow 0.00
Audio being recorded from AVCaptureSession is generating a "Ba... 0.00
Swift3 extracting a Date from a Custom Format String 0.00
How to see what specific error is occurring during write function 0.00
Search multiple words in one string in swift +0.83
Limit the results of a Swift array filter to X for performance +0.93
Strange characters from JSON causing line breaks in my UILabel 0.00
Convert extension to function of class +0.16
How to get different random delays in a SpriteKit sequence? 0.00
swift 3 - search result also with diacritics 0.00
Convert a binary string into an array of integers in swift 3 0.00
Make all values of an array negative or change sign +0.79
Find biggest array from a multi dimensional array by count in Swift +0.50
Date formatting with .long or .full not resulting in hours/minutes/... +0.17
Optional try for function with no return value 0.00
Swift String API Alternate for HackerRank 0.00
Nested Generic Constraints: Constrain the T of a generic item insid... 0.00
Static variable and function issue 0.00
Redirect NSLog to File in Swift not working 0.00
Solve Equations Of Type A*X = B Using dgtsv_ or sgtsv_ 0.00