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Martin R

1779.94 (15th)
186,031 (103rd)
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Title Δ
Encode '+' using URLComponents in Swift +0.54
Morse code converter not working swift +0.18
in swift, how utf16 surrogate pair is represented in bit +0.16
Is it possible to mutate a property/variable directly upon initiali... +0.16
Using Objective-C lightweight generic type in Swift gives AnyHashab... 0.00
Swift 3 Remove objects from an array that are present in another ar... +0.38
Swift, stringWithFormat, %s gives strange results +0.77
Swift doubly strange when negative -0.33
Why Does Array<Any>.flatMap() Wrap the Transform Closure Argu... 0.00
how to write function to evaluate if String is only characters? +0.70
Swift Calculate MD5 Checksum for Large Files 0.00
Character in String array swift +0.14
How to construct Data/NSData from UnsafeMutablePointer<T> 0.00
Convert DAAppearanceTime to Date 0.00
How to change from CChar to Data in swift 3 0.00
Is there any format description compatible with Java and Swift? 0.00
CFDictionary get Value for Key in Swift3 +0.81
For loop equivalent Swift 3 +0.18
How to store 1.66 in NSDecimalNumber 0.00
Swift + terminal 0.00
Swift - Timezone off by one hour / secondsFromGMT incorrect 0.00
How to handle special cases in localization swift -0.93
Create a generic Swift function to return an array of Core Data ent... 0.00
Swift Linux Generate Random Bool 0.00
How to override a oc category method in .swift 0.00
truncatingRemainder vs remainder in Swift +0.54
How to use UnsafeMutablePointer<T?> in swift 3 0.00
Using CGDisplayStream with a Queue 0.00
Rounding INT to make it 0 decimal places -1.92
'String' does not conform to expected type 'CVarArg' +0.18
How do I access UnsafePointer of member field of a struct reference... 0.00
Using MD5 hash value on an ansi string in Swift 3 +0.16
Retain cycle between class and struct +0.20
Append Int to Data in Swift 3 +0.17
Implementing a hash combiner in Swift 0.00
Swift 3 - Pass struct by reference via UnsafeMutableRawPointer? 0.00
Swift system version checking on Ubuntu 0.00
Swift 3 - How to convert memory of Int32 as four characters +0.17
Swift : Streaming / Writing out a CSV file 0.00
How to write swift 3 method with throws statement and return value... +0.14
Convert Textfield characters to int 0.00
Clean way to filter an array of dictionaries by unique dictionary v... 0.00
Properly formatting JSON object in Swift 3 0.00
Why can't the Swift compiler infer this closure's type? -0.41
Swift: repetitive try catch code +0.17
Swift generic extension for an array in array 0.00
Swiftier Swift for 'add to array, or create if not there...' 0.00
is there a more elegant syntax for Swift Filter with 2 parameters 0.00
How to properly use VarArgs for localizing strings? 0.00
Class singleton's initialization cann't be done automatically 0.00