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1747.75 (32nd)
124,325 (221st)
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Title Δ
JAVA: print with Lambda foreach in the same line with whitespace -0.21
Instantiating interfaces having default methods +0.34
Getting rank of element upon sorting the array +0.19
Keeping it DRY when constructor needs to call overridable method +0.69
Java compareTo step by step execution +0.19
Keep previous element of collection in Java for loop even on continue -0.39
flatMap typing - attempting to merge DoubleStreams -0.63
Java8: Transform Map<String,List<String>> into Map<S... 0.00
why the getX() method executes first rather than constructor +1.23
how to write a lambda filtering and mapping list to list 0.00
Java List<int []> is not being populated correctly 0.00
How does a `HashMap`'s iterator work? 0.00
Use compareTo for year,month and day.. Java -0.09
Java 8 lambda Collectors.groupingBy with map in Collector.toList() 0.00
If condition is skipped what is wrong with this code? +0.20
Predicate vs if statement +0.43
Why is that an Optional member variable in a class has a default va... -1.55
JAVA: Putting alternative ( || ) in loop? +0.62
How does a hashmap work if all its keys have the same value? -1.44
Does promotion occur before increment in Java? 0.00
Why linkedlist required when hash collision occur and Hashmap does... -0.32
Is this equals legal? +0.54
HashSet not removing existing element 0.00
Why compile time error on instanceof operator but works fine on cas... +0.21
How to remove duplicate in a list while the element is an array? 0.00
Each time I run the code, I get different sequence of output +0.19
For each loop does not work as expected if I use the list directly... 0.00
What maintenance problems are associated with protected variables i... +0.78
Why is this not an ambiguous call? (varargs parameters) 0.00
Preorder traversal of a binary tree. If vs while -0.32
Java Do While isn't working properly +0.20
Why is the initialization in the constructor -1 instead of other nu... +0.21
Different results, why? 0.00
If statement Object boolean not working -1.22
Java 8: modify specific element in the stream by using lambda expre... +0.40
HashSet<List<Integer>> time complexity 0.00
How to fix ambiguous method reference? 0.00
Java casting between two presumably unrelated classes 0.00
Java 8: extract a substream from a stream 0.00
Why the output changes if we change the return value of equals meth... +0.18
Return inside a loop: wrong in Java? +0.15
Java - convert double to float 0.00
JAVA : Why does the following infinite loop terminate without any e... +0.89
Calling map(Arrays::toString) on a Stream produced by Java Stream.o... 0.00
2D Array not being declared properly 0.00
Efficient way to "update" an entry in a HashMap? +0.30
compound assignment operator in java +1.26
Short form for Java If Else statement +0.39
Cannot understand remove() function 0.00
How to represent uninitialized values in an int array in Java? -0.98