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Fred -ii-

1755.54 (24th)
53,794 (839th)
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Title Δ
strtotime() ads a minute of month change +0.18
Unable to display the same format as was when entered into the data... +0.18
Check if update query was successful [PHP, mysqli] +0.19
Unable to use password_verify($password, $hash) 0.00
AJAX is not working 0.00
Mysqli and real escape strings error +0.18
php dynamic dropdown menu get value +0.18
Trying to set session data when logging in 0.00
lightopenid does not post session variable(s) 0.00
Update db table with an INT 0.00
Update mysql table using POST method 0.00
Is it possible to find out the character length of a MD5'd pass... +0.47
Having problems with normalizing databases login 0.00
For PHP function mysqli_real_escape_string(), what is the purpose o... -1.90
Send mail with attachment in PHP -0.47
Couldn't execute INSERT INTO 0.00
Is this program successfully escaping data? -0.32
Get multiple inputs to QRCode 0.00
Why am I not getting an alert....? +0.21
header location error redirecting -2.92
Setting $_SESSION variable but something doesn't work +0.62
Why does my mysqli_query return false? +0.18
random unwanted '1' appearing in html 0.00
PHP Signup form not working +0.19
php image upload will not work 0.00
why cookie delete not working on my server but working fine on my l... 0.00
Comparing if values exists in a MySQL table using PHP +0.19
How PHP mail function works behind the scene? 0.00
Set Checkbox to CHECKED on Page Refresh based off of PHP Conditional +0.18
Insert function not wrking on mysql 5.7 0.00
Fetching database content as it is stored in the table 0.00
SQLi Error when trying to echo a certain ID in PHP 0.00
SQL echo table row error? +0.18
HTML inside of php - error list scope -3.50
Multiple times hashing with MD5 and SHA1 0.00
How to make a controller in this sample model? +0.18
Getting query error in OOP php -3.34
PHP forgot password +0.55
Admin check Doesn't work +0.18
MYSQL INSERT INTO not inserting data or throwing errors +0.75
Why Profile php doesn't work? after logging in it doesn't s... 0.00
Unexpected token error when using PHP with JavaScript 0.00
Php and Mysqli - can you use a prepared statement on a SELECT claus... -0.79
PHP/MySQL: Login page isn't working please check +0.18
SQL Command Syntax Errors 0.00
PHP/Mysqli: Why does this code doubles rows insert? +0.51
make indent for hyperlink in CSS +0.41
MySQL current date between 2 set dates +0.05
properly save file upload contents to MySQL DB to retrieve as a link 0.00
Data Not Going Into Database 0.00