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T.J. Crowder

1790.34 (11th)
402,111 (15th)
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Title Δ
Weird behavior of javascript with prototypying -0.35
Why doesn't this getter for a property work? -0.82
when will requestAnimationFrame be excuted 0.00
jQuery nth child of a span in a list from event parameter +0.15
How can I call an anonymous function with arguments in Nashorn? 0.00
Cannot read property "..." of undefined 0.00
How were types handled without generics in ArrayList before java ve... +0.59
T-SQL CASE WHEN BETWEEN not recognising condition +0.87
Do I have to clean up an element if I replace it with another in th... 0.00
What is the difference between using 'this' keyword and var... 0.00
How to parse string contained json object with escape characters? +0.16
While until localStorage.getItem is '1' - Javascript 0.00
ES6 - How to get array item (function) of a specific context 0.00
Assign value based on a condition in javascript -1.08
why my javascript code doesnt behave as I expect 0.00
Difference between a void result and a specific result 0.00
Javascript explicit blocks 0.00
Does a Chrome extension have his own localStorage +0.15
splice to remove duplicate array value does not work javascript 0.00
Js, what is 'this' when set the static function from a Clas... 0.00
How do jQuery convenience methods end up in my DOM elements? 0.00
MomentJS - convert datetime from UTC to different timezone 0.00
init state without constructor in react +0.18
How to detect if the given word is default keyword or not in JavaSc... 0.00
Synchronizing loop in Node.js with setTimeout - strange, apparently... -0.83
Idiomatic way of converting from Long object to long primitive safe... -1.13
Where is my input current value stored? +0.15
Selecting from an arrray in javascript +0.39
jquary-"this" property is not working on $(document) click 0.00
Javascript class method vs prototype property 0.00
unexpected token output json file using node.js +0.15
How to pass a RegEx expression as a parameter in Java? 0.00
how to check if a sql statement is ready to be executed? -1.34
check if string1 contains string2 without knowing which is 1 or 2 +0.30
reactjs with axios “Cannot read property 'map' of undefined`” 0.00
"Save As" Dialog box when downloading a file on web browser 0.00
Multi select the elements and remove attribute within element and d... +0.16
jquery to select first field with class with spaces -0.34
Trouble passing HTML Integer array to Javascript function -0.85
Can I apply switching CSS to multiple elements? +0.16
Storing properties of object with array -0.47
Failed to execute removeChild on Node +0.16
Javascript filter function to filter out falsy values +0.81
push a value into an array +0.14
How to set the border for the last element using CSS? -0.34
why the getX() method executes first rather than constructor -0.39
"Not a constructor", but the types check out 0.00
How to get the class property for each HTML component inside a pare... +0.15
Jquery .empty() first 2 elements -0.64
How does integer type cast behave in Java for numbers beyond the ra... +1.17