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T.J. Crowder

1791.43 (11th)
402,111 (15th)
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Title Δ
How to get the last key of object which has a value -1.45
Using filter on an object 0.00
Are DOM circular references found by chrome,firefox and IE? 0.00
Open one element and close all others if open +0.16
Javascript - If Statement Returning Null Despite Condition +0.15
Changing text in a paragraph +0.61
Check If a <p> element has a value in it or not +0.18
AJax delete not work in some browsers 0.00
Is there any constant-time solution to get a random key of a huge o... 0.00
Get element from HTML object javascript 0.00
Multiple CSS selectors not working with jQuery css method +0.16
Use ES6 Proxy to observe objects -0.34
Why don't arrays in Javascript resize when you remove an item? +0.15
javascript global variable in event handler 0.00
In constructor, why can fields of current class not referred to bef... 0.00
Looping Through Objects with for ... in +0.16
jQuery multiple inputs with one Function RegExp +0.18
Ensuring that javascript functions execute in the specific order +0.16
How to asynchronously fall back when external CDN script fails? (as... 0.00
Trying a closure the wrong way? 0.00
Is it possible to select an individual list item per <div> us... 0.00
Arrow function inside map operator/method in javascript explanation... +0.17
Basic : Return and stop code execution on JavaScript +1.09
what exactly is nodeType property javascript xml? 0.00
For loop not giving proper result -0.85
Avoid CORS preflight OPTIONS for better performance -3.27
How to remove an element and next element after it using jquery? -1.32
How to reset array indexes in JavaScript array +0.14
jQuery - Append div content in reverse order +0.16
See Which JavaScript File Is Applying a Style to an Element 0.00
Appending the same element to different elements +0.72
Whats the meaning of Inclusive and exclusive cpu (ms) in Edge brows... 0.00
$.getjson IE-specific error 0.00
PageSpeed accuses script of "render-blocking" when using... +0.16
Trigger click() for dynamically created elements -1.40
Usage of javascript setters/getters 0.00
IE9 Javascript classList Property +0.15
Datatables, how can I get the attribute of an element on hover usin... 0.00
onchange="javascript:updateModel()" What does the word &#... 0.00
Adding a Deferred to a non async function 0.00
JS generated radio selection- how to make the first position a defa... 0.00
New Regex() adds trailing slash +0.68
String comparing in for loop 0.00
Simple quiz not working in jQuery or JavaScript +0.15
call a function when the value of variable is changed 0.00
Why function is calling first +0.29
how to convert unix time to unix date by moment.js +0.16
Using object literal for prototype classes 0.00
How js function in a web page is executed and how can I mimic the i... 0.00
select a string after a substring in an element's class name -0.48