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Hans Passant

1739.55 (41st)
590,983 (4th)
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Title Δ
Legality of changing P/Invoke signature for convenience 0.00
Unmanaged to managed interop performance in x86 and x64 0.00
Update UI from another thread work only one time 0.00
Marshaling arrays in C# - why use AllocCoTaskMem vs new []? 0.00
What does 'CallCnvntn' in metainfo mean? 0.00
C++/CLI What class encloses global functions? +0.21
Get Excel Object when Option Strict On -1.22
C# Interop Marshaling behaviour for arrays seems inconsistent with... -3.05
c# System.AccessViolationException: Attempted to read or write prot... -0.31
In Need of simple and surely working demo of Registration-Free COM... 0.00
What was the design rationale for making void not a primitive type? -0.93
Is handle always 32bit on both 32bit and 64bit platforms? 0.00
a pointer-to-member is not valid for a managed class 0.00
vsvars32.bat in Visual Studio 2017 0.00
SharedAssemblyInfo equivalent in .net core projects? -0.80
How do you multi-target a .NET Core class library with csproj? -0.81
Understanding automatic inlining: when can the compiler inline meth... 0.00
LockBits() of Bitmap as different format in C#? 0.00
C#: Best way to achieve a nicely formatted time string? -0.06
Why is selected text not clearly identifiable in VS 2015? 0.00
C#: struct constructor performance +1.69
C# to c++/cli to unamanged c++ ref 0.00
How to handle dll function calls inside a thread in c# -0.31
AT+CMGS="8080" return ERROR 0.00
What's the difference between the Int() method and Math.Floor()... +0.18
Creating shortcut modifies the path to target 0.00
WPD API - Cannot transfer content from device (SSCCE included) 0.00
Display scaling and size of forms and controls +0.20
Understanding of Managed C++ +0.20
Windows Timer Resolution vs Application Priority vs Processor sched... 0.00
Encountered Strange Error: " & ErrorName 0.00
GetProcAddress fails on Win 7 even though the DLL actually exports... -0.30
Why the size of struct A is not equal size of struct B with same fi... -0.46
Enums and constants, how does it all work? 0.00
inject C# code to another process and call target functions 0.00
Why .NET async await file copy is a lot more CPU consuming than syn... +1.11
Why does `ProcessCmdKey` fire twice for a combobox but once for a t... 0.00
What is Download subfolder in GAC 0.00
TypeLoadException: Two assemblies with same name 0.00
Unable to cast COM object to interface type 'WUApiLib.UpdateSes... +0.18
Can I change a timer's interval without resetting it? +0.16
How are objects stored in memory? -0.63
how garbage collector keeps on tracking roots from stack +0.45
Why dispose an object when exiting an application? +0.18
Compiler generated unexpected `IN AL, DX` (opcode `EC`) while setti... 0.00
Executable Section Headers - Meaning and use? +0.61
Can't register for power notification settings in WinForms C# 0.00
Sending scroll commands with SendInput on Windows10 UWP applications 0.00
error trying to create callback 0.00
BinaryFormatter tries to serialize a form instead of an object 0.00