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Hans Passant

1742.78 (37th)
590,983 (4th)
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Title Δ
What is Download subfolder in GAC 0.00
TypeLoadException: Two assemblies with same name 0.00
Can I change a timer's interval without resetting it? +0.16
How are objects stored in memory? -1.88
how garbage collector keeps on tracking roots from stack +0.45
Why dispose an object when exiting an application? +0.17
Compiler generated unexpected `IN AL, DX` (opcode `EC`) while setti... 0.00
Executable Section Headers - Meaning and use? +0.61
Can't register for power notification settings in WinForms C# 0.00
Sending scroll commands with SendInput on Windows10 UWP applications 0.00
error trying to create callback 0.00
BinaryFormatter tries to serialize a form instead of an object 0.00
C# pass pointer to struct (containing non-blittable types) to unman... 0.00
Drawing on OnPaint() makes residues when the window is resized 0.00
How to read WinRT errors? 0.00
Form behaving weirdly when using STA and threads take too long 0.00
How does `Convert.ToBase64String()` work? +0.19
MemoryMappedViewStream.PointerOffset has wrong value 0.00
`Use managed compatibility mode` or `Enable native code debugging`? 0.00
Black background and artifacts on ObjectListView when form gets focus 0.00
Portable class library - Reference to type 'MarshalByRefObject&... 0.00
.net delegate without target slower than with target 0.00
Console Application - WriteLine above current working line +1.32
Visual Studio : compile list of modules on each platform and config... -2.40
LNK2001: My boost libraries are (probably) built incorrectly -0.81
Base64 image doesn't display on Render PDF from RDLC report 0.00
Why is the vector.Length faster than Math.sqrt ()? -0.31
CLI layer Object^ to byte array conversion 0.00
ArgumentException & process memory keeps increasing in C# 0.00
How to differentiate two instances of same form control in .net +0.41
Visual Studio 2015 requires admin rights +0.19
Debug Design Mode in Visual Studio not breaking -0.82
C++/CLI and using System::Linq not working 0.00
control.invoke with an out parameter 0.00
Missing SecurityProtocolType.Ssl3 enum value during XML serialization 0.00
How do I successfully work with structures and nested structures wi... +0.17
How to write Enums in VB.NET in a COM visible component +0.20
Picture Box flipping repeatedly instead of only once -0.74
For what is PushFrame needed? +1.02
How check if an executable is compatible to the installed .NET vers... +0.19
AccessViolationException when debug starts +0.19
Why doesn't this code produce torn reads? 0.00
C++/CLI Compilation error with generic delegate 0.00
How can I get the name used to open an EventWaitHandle? 0.00
My properties are not listed in COM DLL object from MFC 0.00
Exceptions raised running COM DLL 0.00
SEH on Windows, call stack traceback is gone 0.00
C# I/O async (copyAsync): how to avoid file fragmentation? -0.55
Entry point for C++/CLI x64 WindowsForms App (VS 2015) 0.00
C++ Requesting MSVCP110D.dll even if static linked +0.20