An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Jon Skeet

1902.06 (2nd)
824,659 (1st)
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Title Δ
Visual Studio C# Code colour of this 0.00
Unexpected result with Where() +0.46
Java (Android) - BufferOverflowException on putInt +0.27
Second iteration of XDocument.Save() throwing "Access to Path... 0.00
How do I deserialise different NodaTime LocalDate patterns within t... 0.00
C# / LINQ fastest way of comparing two lists and assigning value +0.13
Why addLast() not working properly +0.40
JAVA right bit shift return wrond value 0.00
Getting the actual this reference to the task state machine -0.66
What is the "Name=value" in [MyAttribute(Name=value)] -1.89
C# default parameter by name is this possible? 0.00
How to copy image in java using bufferedreader/writer +0.08
why does i.Parent.ReplaceWith(i) not throw an exception? 0.00
C# convert System.Func<Tderived, bool> to System/Func<Tbas... +0.30
java - reading 2 byte integer in 2's complement from binary fil... +0.36
Select method is not called using LinQ query syntax +0.55
C# func<> applied to the object on left +0.09
How to read byte array as a property from a Properties file 0.00
Java replaceAll fails with dollar sign in source string +0.09
What's the purpose of the Newtonsoft.Json.JsonToken.StartConstr... 0.00
A URI scheme name 'pack' already has a registered custom pa... -0.91
DateTime Formatting on Azure hosted site 0.00
How to find the most specific types in an arbitrary hierarchy 0.00
loading inner class without loading the enclosing class 0.00
Conversion of var to class type in C#? 0.00
Check if Set of Object contain an Object with this attribute +0.21
C# - Setting XML Node values as Stings from StreamReader result 0.00
Java 8 check statement for every list item 0.00
SimpleDateFormat parsing results are odd +0.09
What is the actual difference between assertEquals() vs assertTrue(... +0.09
C# 7 Expression Bodied Constructors -1.93
Adding and subtracting Period from LocalDate doesn't produce th... 0.00
Why does this non-blocking IO call fail? 0.00
Class Access Modifiers - internal +0.20
Scope of members inside using statement +0.39
Why does (boolean ^ int > 0) work? +0.30
HttpWebRequest not posting 0.00
dotnet restore unable to resolve Telerik.UI.for.AspNet on macOS 0.00
UTF-8 not working in live server 0.00
Empty catch but exception is still thrown 0.00
How to convert a string into Int collection -2.63
i am getting an error Argument 2 may not be passed with ref keyword... -1.56
The blank final field INSTANCE may not have been initialized +0.09
How to correctly assign properties for other properties in JObject? 0.00
Attribute value must be constant error using Contentful Space +0.09
Google Protocol Buffers - serialize to byte array 0.00
Pass array to variable parameter method 0.00
Using a class constructor to create object arrays of 2 different ty... +0.08
Call extension method created on parent class overloaded in child c... +0.60
IOException while calculating MD5 and SHA1 checksums 0.00