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Rating Stats for

Jon Skeet

1904.13 (2nd)
824,659 (1st)
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Title Δ
Singleton Design Pattern-Java +0.09
Long running initialisation of class fields in constructor 0.00
C# iterate through 2d array +0.09
Why do most serializers use a stream instead of a byte array? +0.15
Get weekofweekyear in NodaTime core 0.00
NuGet attempting to restore wrong version 0.00
Run code if a full year has elasped +0.09
Json Deserialised don't override the default values in the prop... +0.07
Download Google.Protobuf/3.1.0 nuget packages to local machine usin... 0.00
Google API - .NET Core support? -0.41
how to specify a datetime object as a Central Standard Time or othe... 0.00
Return HashSet<T> from HashSet of generic type in generic fun... 0.00
Covert UTC Date String to SQL Timestamp using Java 8 0.00
Failing to parse date in yyyyMMdd Hmm format using DateTime.TryPars... +0.09
Simple Java array syntax which i'm confused over -1.29
cannot access class in the same package without adding to classpath +0.09
String was not recognized as a valid DateTime in c#? +0.35
How do you share Java functions without giving others source code? 0.00
Comparing two different timezone timespans using NodaTime +0.09
Parse enum skipping Obsolete 0.00
Building VS 2017 MSBuild csproj Projects with Mono on Linux 0.00
Does XDocument.Load loads all data into memory? +0.21
Determine if in DST or not — IsInDaylightSavings() 0.00
Java hexadecimal base double literal 0.00
Whats the difference between adding a normal subscriber method to a... 0.00
Unrolled Loop works, for loop does not work 0.00
c# array collater where the output has the same value every other e... 0.00
Get runtime getter of interface property 0.00
How to pass DateTime.Ticks as URI parameter? 0.00
My delegate type isn't working "Method name expected" +0.09
C# Trouble Setting Variable +0.10
Convert String With Zeros To Decimal +0.42
How do i check if a particular string is not present in a list in c#? +0.09
Is Java's import keyword for source files or binary files? +0.28
List<PropertyInfo> except List<PropertyInfo> not working +0.27
narrow xdocument in c# 0.00
Int array as a key in a Dictionary VS a string +0.09
Two threads referring one variable +0.31
Recursive method wont loop childs children 0.00
Deserialize json data into list in c# +0.09
RaiseEvent with Ternary Operator +0.40
Is it possible to: increment index by 1 and wrap back to 0 if(index... +0.74
Sort a hashmap by date 0.00
Eclipse cannot resolve package name 0.00
Java Multi-Threading, Atomic and volatile variable 0.00
Log4j, meaning of Append = true / false 0.00
joda Period returns 0 months 0.00
Visual Studio C# Code colour of this -1.29
Unexpected result with Where() +0.46
Java (Android) - BufferOverflowException on putInt +0.27