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John Conde

1756.08 (25th)
140,802 (181st)
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Title Δ
PHP use variable inside function +0.69 SIM using php 0.00
DateTime::createFromFormat - A two digit second could not be found 0.00
Compare two dates in PHP not compare correctly +0.19
PHP Weekly date range with specific start and end day -0.08
How to get a transaction details using invoice number? 0.00
Convert date to show over 24 hours 0.00
How can I tell if a credit card is active? 0.00
get Number of month from a date php 0.00
PHP zero out the time for a date and add 3 days +0.18
Why can't I create multiple subscriptions for a customer profil... 0.00
Performant way to check items in array exist in another 0.00
php - IF - ELSEIF- ELSE +0.19
Check if one datetime is higher then another datetime 0.00
Concatenation of strings in PHP 0.00
PHP count mysql row with changed date format +0.18
PHP Check if date falls within certain hour 0.00
PHP: Loop through all weeks in a date range (last 2 years)? +0.51
Downgraded php version , now casues error Call to undefined function 0.00
Hide links after the current day 0.00
Stuck with strip_tags why not working in my code? +0.19
PHP DateTime November Bug 0.00
I am using payment gateway and doing transaction thro... 0.00
$datetime->diff returns zero despite it being clearly 1 day apart? 0.00 :: Sandbox :: Error:: Transaction Status: Declined (C... 0.00
simply adding code to php function 0.00
Current date - Go to next Thursday - PHP 0.00
Get the last day of the next 6 months prior to the current date -0.31
Using variable inside a function +0.72
php: compare date with if condition -0.31
getting error while displaying dates 0.00
After moving code from body to a function, while loop won't exe... 0.00
PHP: year when a date occurs the next time +0.71
mysql query error n error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that... 0.00
Converting milliseconds date to normal date 0.00
Add one hour to PHP variable with date +0.18
which php version support following syntax 0.00
use uniqid id where general by spl_object_hash be array's key 0.00
Authorize.Net run tests in production live mode 0.00
PHP Trying to get property of non-object error in function 0.00
PHP Explode Numbers In Square Brackets +0.19
Is there anything wrong with using this custom MySQLi escaping PHP... 0.00
Get called class name in Another class +0.19
how many times 5 fits in to a set number 0.00
Pass PHP variable value into HTML label 0.00
How do I insert PHP variables in a MySQL table? +0.20
PHP form submit success message inserts unwanted number after message -0.06
CodeIgniter inserting auto increment +0.19
In PHP does return false bubble up? -0.93
Ranging date equal to today date 0.00