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Rating Stats for

Josh Crozier

1741.52 (40th)
68,193 (582nd)
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Title Δ
Form input events for Macbook touch bar 0.00
Regex: Match, but don't include part of matched +0.40
Extracting sibling text nodes using Beautiful Soup 0.00
CSS selector for multiple different class name combinations +0.53
what is the regular expression to match this url? 0.00
Selecting the first non-hidden input in a form +0.23
Remove parent div in a HTML string but keep contents -0.82
Can ::after pseudo elements be removed inside media queries? +0.75
Change a div element's class by its index using the noUiSlider... 0.00
less mixin, cannot get backgroung-image's url 0.00
Clone a jQuery UI draggable element by clicking a button 0.00
Python - Extracting data between specific comment nodes with Beauti... 0.00
Clicking element type -0.30
Why do these margins overlap? +0.20
How do I avoid data from different tabs to be concatenated in one c... 0.00
Why Rem height is scaling in Chrome Device Emulation (and mobile de... +0.18
Check if each div has an element with a specific class inside it -0.01
Assign type selector after class name in CSS +0.60
Regex: find word between slash and matching keyword in url -1.98
Output only values that do not contain HTML tags in parentheses fro... +0.98
count the number of occurrences of items in a list that appear in a... +0.66
Typescript: How do I define interfaces for nested objects? 0.00
find a select option with same value as select data-status and load... +0.20
Incorrect number of results found by XPath +0.70
Using regular expression in find_all of Beautifulsoup 0.00
Python3 - XPath query does not return entire list from site when at... 0.00
Regex for replacing class names throughout codebase in Atom Editor 0.00
Parse HTML table data with BeautifulSoup into a dict 0.00
Transition not working on backdrop opacity to 0 when class is removed 0.00
jQuery Regex - Finding All Joined Words 0.00
Hide all table rows except items with IDs defined in filtering object 0.00
make an absolute div hidden when something outside of it is clicked 0.00
How to get only div with id ending with a certain value in Beautifu... +0.11
Angular 2 convert string to md5 hash 0.00
BeautifulSoup: Extract the text that is not in a given tag 0.00
how to rewrite url in .htaccess file -1.79
Knockout.js - How to uncheck available item observable when clickin... 0.00
padding still exists when height and width of span are 0 with only... +0.16
Reversing CSS transition on removal of class 0.00
Flex box direction column +0.21
jQuery Validate custom message for contenteditable span or div 0.00
Find matching elements in array and do something for each match 0.00
Angular 2 - Checking for server errors from subscribe +0.18
How to keep iterating through divs until you reach a div with a cer... 0.00
Angular 2 stop click event propagation of all children 0.00
Sass maths operators with functions 0.00
Removing an anchor tag `<a href=""></a>` from... +0.42
Detecting multiple checked checkboxes +0.19
Finding last entered input +0.19
CSS Transition border reverting instantaneously +0.20