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1743.05 (36th)
53,621 (843rd)
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Title Δ
Why GCC warns when casting an uninitialized volatile pointer to `vo... -0.63
C++ explicit integral user-defined conversion -0.91
Changing a template return type appears to have an effect on an ove... 0.00
result_of, make_tuple, parameter pack 0.00
`pair::operator=(pair&&)` error with `auto&` deduced mo... 0.00
Are require-clauses evaluated after parameter substitution inside d... 0.00
Different compiler behaviors on type trait to test implicit default... 0.00
Function result auto&& 0.00
Why are C++11 override and final not attributes? +0.17
Is the sub-object of a temporary object guaranteed to be moved on r... -1.29
Conditionally constexpr member function 0.00
Why does skipping occurs when using std::remove() to remove more th... -0.62
C++17 construct array in stack using choosen constructor (same cons... 0.00
Template class specialization vs function overloading 0.00
Is assignment to a std::vector element thread-safe? -0.02
Should non-capturing generic lambdas decay to function pointers? 0.00
Inheritance or composition when recursing over a parameter pack? +0.66
When I make the statement root->right->right = newnode(7); a... 0.00
Will C++17 support the simpler Range-based For Loop? +1.20
std::function with noexcept in C++17 0.00
How to avoid decay with template parameter deduction -1.58
Deleted constructor - MSVC reports an error, Clang doesn't -2.32
Is there a tuple for_each() that returns a tuple of all values retu... +0.35
Visual C++ reports an ambiguous symbol error for non-ambiguous class 0.00
Do const references in structured bindings extend the lifetime of t... 0.00
Are un-prefixed string literals concatenated with prefixed ones? 0.00
Always prefer set<T, less<>> to set<T> since C++14? +1.16
Do classes with explicit constructors require piecewise_construct i... 0.00
Type traits for both `type` and `const type` +0.49
Getting the number of dimensions of a std::vector/std::array -1.23
std::in_place_t and friends in C++17 0.00
Is it possible to create templated user-defined literals (literal s... 0.00
Returning reference using a ternery expression causes runtime error +0.70
reinterpret_cast creating a trivially default-constructible object +1.02
Why does the behavior of non-virtual methods (when called from deri... 0.00
C++ member function is ambiguous 0.00
How is allocator-aware container assignment implemented? +0.20
Stop directory_iterator before moving out of bounds 0.00
Template instantiation in GNU C++ and Clang -1.55
Who is correct here, GCC or MSVC? 0.00
`std::list<>::sort()` - why the sudden switch to top-down str... -3.53
Using sizeof template parameters pack in class template specializat... 0.00
Why does std::tuple decompose into rvalue references 0.00
std::map's find fails to find, but element in map with manual s... -0.99
Is "template argument deduction for class templates" supp... 0.00
Writing a series of std::conditional with the same condition 0.00
C++ Compiler behavior with re-interpreting template parameter const... +1.19
map or set with transparent comparator and non-unique elements in h... 0.00
Pitfalls of "making" unique_ptr<T> implicitly conve... -1.28
On iterator and I value in C++ 0.00