An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1650.70 (427th)
26,377 (2,406th)
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Title Δ
c++ between three numbers sum two highers without loops and arrays +0.68
Sorting biggest and smallest value in array C++ +1.39
Memory Location as last value in enlarged dynamic array 0.00
C++ Constructor implicit members +0.29
Crypto++ explicit destruction during encryption/decryption? +0.86
Why type deduced for T is const int in void func(T const &t) 0.00
Error: class template partial specialization contains a template pa... 0.00
Why is std::forward necessary with forwarding references +1.62
Eclipse: comment entire code without it getting cut short by anothe... 0.00
Initialization with parameters 0.00
What happens when we use vector erase or insert 0.00
Cant access memory location declared in array +1.22
Initalizing to a dynamically allocated const char array from a cons... 0.00
Print values of a Matrix C++ -1.00
Compare Vector of Doubles Using Catch -0.21
Possible to clear individual error state flags for a stream? 0.00
Pointer element equals 0. Causes for-loop to end +0.96
Error from typedef struct +0.30
C++11 auto. convert from float to long 0.00
Move constructor and move assignement operator for class 0.00
How to avoid decay with template parameter deduction +2.58
passing a single character to a function in C++ +0.28
Why returning pointer to an object only work sometime? 0.00
Memory leak on the stack +1.82
How does passing self-reference as parameter work in C++? 0.00
Inherited member function seems undeclared, what is going on? 0.00
What is this returning 2 not 0? 0.00
Enabling compiler warnings in netbeans 8.2 (cygwin, c++)? 0.00
Declaring arrays in C++ +0.96
Overload resolution between const lvalue reference and rvalue refer... +1.72
Conversion from pointer to normal vector works inside main but not... +1.38
What's the equivalent of Python function decorators in C++? +1.21
Example applications of overloading the assignment operator 0.00
Smart pointers and derived classes 0.00
Do move constructors need attribute that are moveable? +1.24
c++ call a function inside another function or nested function call... 0.00
C++ getting highest test score and using pointers 0.00
C++ Replacing a word in an array of characters 0.00
Why does const char *foo = "Hello"; compile but not const... +0.68
While parsing same arguments, sometimes segfault 0.00
C++ implement my own static_assert 0.00
Having trouble with a 'while' loop in C++ +0.32
Is it possible to check for existence of member templates just by a... +0.88
Does each element in a vector have a unique memory address? +1.63
Invalid type in Gauss-Seidel Function 0.00
Undefined reference in menu driven program with two function headers 0.00
Understand sizeof in relation to pointers +0.35
Invalid operands of types ‘const char [8]’ and ‘const char*’ to bin... +1.91
How to initialize a struct with a function in C++? -2.34
C++ template parameter deduction fails +1.46