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Tomas Petricek

1733.41 (50th)
144,426 (171st)
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Title Δ
Can I call methods of "aliased" types in single-case disc... -1.89
#load fails to load shared .fsx 0.00
Why does Frame.tryValues fail in this simple example? 0.00
F# functional coupled iteration: performance issue and preferred fu... 0.00
How to convert generic Discriminated Union to obj -1.30
F# best way to set up a SQLCommand with parameters +0.20
F# tail recursion with XAMARIN MAC OS 0.00
F#, Pipe-forward first argument -0.04
Why is Deedle casting a DataFrame boolean column into a float Series? +0.69
Azure Function: "Unable to load one or more of the requested t... 0.00
What would be an example for Frame.mapCols? 0.00
How to compute cumulative product (or sum) of a Series in Deedle (i... 0.00
How to implement sum types in dynamically typed languages without p... +0.22
F# using match to validate parameters +0.53
How to call a function from the quotation of a invoke in type provi... 0.00
How to set a Json response in suave webpart -2.86
Sum of two values of discriminated union list F# +0.21
Getting next value out of list when reacting to an event in F# 0.00
How to get the position of the row with some key from a Deedle Fram... +0.70
Match on child discriminated union -0.07
How does the WinForms MouseWheel event work in F#? -2.12
How to manipulate attributes of an object passed to a function with... +0.20
Overflow of an int in f# +1.73
Free Monad in F# with generic output type 0.00
Ternary operator to choose an Array index +1.47
F# Data http request using Windows credentials 0.00
Benefits of Functional decomposition and currying -1.87
SML/NJ Error: operator and operand don't agree 0.00
using a sequence on partial application +0.93
F# struct member referencing 'this' results in an error +0.87
Program exits before running logic 0.00
F# Record vs Class +1.16
How to execute two Async<> calls with different result types... 0.00
Difference between fold and reduce revisted 0.00
Type inference on ToString() vs string operator 0.00
F# Tuple Constant never initializes 0.00
How to create an empty list of a specific runtime type +1.07
Find partial membership with KMeans clustering alorithm -0.54
Format built-in types for pretty printing in Deedle 0.00
Is there a real-world applicability for the continuation monad outs... +0.50
Casting a generalized type to its underlying discriminated union if... 0.00
F# formatting string with list slices 0.00
Computing remainder without using modulus operator F# +0.20
Netsted function containing list comprehension 0.00
Why is automatic generalization sometimes inferring overly specific... 0.00
How to set conditional breakpoint while debugging F# in Visual Studio 0.00
checking Code Quotation structure during compile time 0.00
C# - linear regression on deedle Series -0.29
Add calculated key to collection 0.00
Implementing GetSlice for slicing in F# interface 0.00