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1366.83 (3,842,082nd)
5,916 (14,209th)
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Title Δ
computing average or a list with letters in Scheme - Dr.Racket -1.56
computing average or a list with letters in Scheme - Dr.Racket +1.44
Function to turn a matrix into a vector by applying the given opera... -0.50
List definition by repeated entry/iteration -0.93
Creating a function to pair the corresponding elements in 2 lists +0.70
Object appears at least twice in list? -0.50
Effective method for replicating length fuction -0.16
Scheme List Function : Where am i wrong? -1.17
How to apply list of functions to lists/variables? -0.51
Split R vector into even size chunks 0.00
Racket conditional sum of series by recursion +0.26
Adding elements to a newly defined list in Racket -0.72
All possible Combinations using Dynamic Programming +0.75
Calculating a series approximation for pi & scheme syntax -1.20
Deleting multiple empty strings from R list in one go -0.07
Can't instal package xlsx for R version 3.3.2 +0.68
Recursive function to calculate sum of all numbers from 1 to n? -0.26
Sum items in list Racket -0.46
scheme recursive function list overrides -0.52
Update a subset of dataframe rows and columns from another dataframe -0.41
Filling in points by color gradients and size ggplot2 in R 0.00
Multiplication as repeated addition? -1.41
Sorting a list of char in Lisp +0.41
printing pairs from a list in scheme +0.23
Solving odd repetitions in scheme +0.78
How to split a string based on a general format of the splitting un... -1.13
Find main diagonal in matrix - Scheme -0.53
scheme - function that checks whether an element appears in an expr... +0.68
What is the difference between outputs in a method with argument an... 0.00
How do you sum numbers in a list of structs? (Racket) -0.53
Finding two elements from list in ascending order of given number -0.98
Racket find shared elements between lists +0.22
Return smallest element in a list of numbers in Racket ISL? -1.23
Smallest element in a list using higher-order functions -1.08
Error installation R-packages on Linux Mint 18 +0.17
Kadane's Algorithm in Scheme (Racket) -1.01
Racket function that returns all numbers whose sum is <= given n... -0.55
Sum of a List with all Intermediate Values -0.65
Insertion sort in Racket, cannot figure out why this doesn't work +0.97
A list within a list is being passed as an empty list - Racket 0.00
How to write exponent in racket? -1.03
Scheme - Return a list of pairs from 2 given lists -1.25
Get two list out of one list -1.20
Random function in Racket -0.15
Learning DrRacket, Why will this not return false? -1.05
check if list of integers is ascending -0.42
How to build a rolling window procedure using racket/scheme? -0.52
Recursion in Drracket +0.92
Building a random list +1.44
Searching within nested list Scheme/Racket -1.05