An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1313.94 (3,842,091st)
4,879 (17,564th)
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Title Δ
codeforces runtime error on pset 1A -0.32
valgrind reporting "Invalid write of size 8" 0.00
Array size of 5 or higher prints output incorrectly, but size 4 or... -0.74
How to get rid of warning: multi-character character constant when... +1.45
Reproducing getchar() in loop manually in K&R 1-9 -0.48
C - Array initialization using strlen making array wrong size -0.92
C - How to check if there is a user input -0.69
Problems when printing an array with pointers in C -0.14
C - Pass struct by reference -0.69
Allegro5 makefile error -0.61
Reading lines from text file to structs C 0.00
fwrite doesn't write a buffer to stdout unless a specific print... +3.34
Shell in C with multiple commands, segmentation fault(core dumped) -1.10
Tracking down Segmentation Fault 11 0.00
When using hsc2hs, introduction of #include directive in haskell so... 0.00
Why am I getting garbage characters in my output for Test 1 and Tes... -0.48
Having trouble finding source of compile error in C programming 0.00
Is there a function that copies all instances of a character into s... -1.20
why does the string full of NULL after i got the name? -0.90
Error when reading a file with "fgetc" (Overflow) -0.02
The variable 'pminutes' is being used without being initial... -0.51
Unable to write console output to file in C or C++ -0.39
realloc(): invalid pointer Error in C +0.95
how to fill the "data field" of wavfile 0.00
fork and signal: how to send signals from parent process to specifi... +0.72
Memory corruption when freeing allocated string 0.00
C Array Error - Asks me to declare the same variable twice +0.01
Why is a server with listen(sockfd, 2) call able to accept 3 connec... -0.23
Compute signed long max value in C using bit shift -0.82
Returning an array of pointers to `char` +0.16
What's the return value of alarm() if there is already an alarm... +1.48
Using structure in reading a file, calculating, and writing into an... +0.74
How to check in background whether a minute has passed while execut... 0.00
comparison between pointer and integer with codes 0.00
Conflicting Types for puncte 0.00
Properly clearing an array -0.91
Having trouble understanding this random number generator code -0.94
Program crashes when malloc executed +1.28
Lowest n Numbers in an Array -0.29
segmentation fault C linux 0.00
Why does my Makefile build an non-existent source file? -0.82
How can i read a number in c with a function and use it in main? 0.00
printing wrong character from file? 0.00
Printing out the letter appears the most +1.28
print the sentences of a file one after another +0.24
Unable to retain array outside the while loop -0.28
Implementing thread scheduler round robin and thread cancel 0.00
C Structure Declaration Issue -0.92
Can't run my C code in netbeans 0.00
C - time_t string representation -0.20