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1310.87 (3,861,849th)
4,879 (17,564th)
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Title Δ
My c program is generating an unwanted output -0.46
Pointer to a pointer to an array (?) -0.95
On unformatted hard drive after fseek, fread reads from start of 51... 0.00
Trying to search for a identification number and password from a file 0.00
Segmentation fault on trying to pass a recursive function to popula... 0.00
Why do I get garbage values when I input 't' two times? 0.00
Can't open a file using fopen() +0.73
Segfault while reading last n bytes from a file 0.00
Write to `forkpty` child process: `less` pager -0.69
HTTP Server: Connection closed by foreign host 0.00
C Basic Phonebook app will not display phone numbers in proper format -0.58
How to convert decimal to binary in 64 bits? -0.22
string run time error working only with getchar why? 0.00
Flipping bit in c -0.25
How to keep the server on? -0.26
C program Sorting Dates -0.26
C program to read characters is supposed to stop at newline, but is... -0.68
C variable "forgets" what its value is after accepting in... -0.46
C terminates Ctrl + D // while loop // EOF 0.00
fopen and fopen_s seem to be crashing on long file names -0.29
C : Error when i try separate program to modules -0.26
Programming in C (Debian) using pipes to send info backwards -0.91
String arrays in C segmentation fault 0.00
Why does directly compiling by gcc in the terminal work but not wit... -0.59
Value of struct variable changes after malloc of other variable of... +3.32
Can memset be used for multi-byte types and non-zero values +0.28
Proving a critical section solution 0.00
undefined reference pthread_create 0.00
Data argument not used by format string - Outputting long 0.00
Select always returns data 0.00
Use write() to read stdin/file and print lines - doesn't show n... 0.00
Value assigned to s variable when uses %d instead %f -1.12
linking, compiling and running a c program with a static library -0.25
Using char pointer vs char arrays 0.00
fork in multithread process, allocated memory for thread 0.00
Strange error with text file in C 0.00
How to use cmake on the machine which cmake is not installed -0.62
Scanning text file into an array? -0.94
Output Formatting Issue 0.00
File reading wrong value -0.49
What is the value of total printed in this segment of code if the v... 0.00
How to prevent my makefile to relink due to static library +3.11
Arrays are passed by reference, but what happens if I only pass the... +0.26
C Structures: Printing a string member produces weird results -0.49
codeforces runtime error on pset 1A -0.32
valgrind reporting "Invalid write of size 8" 0.00
Array size of 5 or higher prints output incorrectly, but size 4 or... -0.73
How to get rid of warning: multi-character character constant when... +1.45
Reproducing getchar() in loop manually in K&R 1-9 -0.48
C - Array initialization using strlen making array wrong size -0.92