An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Wiktor Stribiżew

1746.99 (32nd)
56,398 (788th)
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Title Δ
How to extract only floats(decimals) from a string that also includ... -2.70
Regex on an integer not producing results 0.00
replace first whitespace until last whitespace after comma only wit... 0.00
replace specific word using regex except one case +0.18
How do I remove non-letters from the beginning of the string 0.00
PHP issue using preg_replace +0.19
Dumb sed/Regex Mistake? 0.00
Regex: How to replace all characters except a word/sequence of patt... -1.61
How to match strings matching [a-z_]* but with non repetitive symbo... +0.75
grep exact match in colon delimited string 0.00
Negative lookahead after space failing in javascript 0.00
match string after the last colon -1.43
Java extract duration by regex 0.00
How to find a pattern in text with Regular Expression (Extended), g... -2.58
Regular Expression Repeating Pattern delimited by comma +0.63
how to improve regex to capture last n words ... too many steps 0.00
Java Regex to match supplied word with special charcters -0.32
Extract ALL IP Addresses from a Microsoft Outlook Messsage using Ma... 0.00
preg match for registration script php 0.00
Get a selection of digits only if preceded by a minimum of x digits +1.24
Regex that starts with letter, contains one uppercase/one lowercase... 0.00
Regex to remove "=\r" +0.37
How to repair my C# regex that attempts to match 1-100 characters o... -0.80
Tableau Regular Expression Regexp_Extract() Troubles 0.00
javascript regex with [x|y|z|xy|yz] -0.08
Replace last character of a matched string using regex 0.00
VBScript RegEx - Find block of data between a pattern +1.42
Regular Expression with or condition 0.00
Regex: select first words of lines starting with specified character -1.18
only allow form to validate if the regex is true 0.00
How to match branches with negative and positive lookahead regex? 0.00
Retrieving digits from a string with a certain pattern +1.33
Regex match should be 1 or 2 digit but not zero with single digit i... +0.61
Account for white space in capture group -0.43
How to get the first match word before a match +0.18
Using RegEx to filter wrong Input? +0.16
pandas extractall() is not extracting all cases given a regex? +1.12
Sed failed to match non whitespace characters with character class +0.47
Modifying string value +0.46
Apply Regex to df add values in new column +1.01
PHP explode the string, but treat words in quotes as a single word... 0.00
Ruby regex gsub any other characters except + on start (phone number) 0.00
How to match unspecified number of digits between negative lookbehi... 0.00
Get first match from or regex group 0.00
How do I replace all instances of any special characters between ea... 0.00
Regex: find word between slash and matching keyword in url +1.98
How modify regex 0.00
Is there a pattern matching and catching functionality in R as ther... 0.00
regex match specific symbol ' - " ( ) * , . : … ; ? ` -0.79
Python - Capitalize first letter of string (without using .title()) -1.23