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Wiktor Stribi┼╝ew

1750.17 (30th)
56,398 (788th)
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Title Δ
How to use Regexp.union to match a character at the beginning of my... -2.43
how to recognize paragraph in a text by regular expression? 0.00
Regex conditionals (only if string exists) 0.00
Python regex's fuzzy search doesn't return all matches when... 0.00
Why does `word (.(?!another-word))*?` match only a character? +1.17
Remove double dashes from url using mod_rewrite module in htaccess 0.00
Regex: Capture one or more groups if exists (Java) 0.00
Why closing square bracket "]" doesn't require escapi... +1.39
REGEX: Combining different expressions 0.00
Explode to break line after every other comma +1.04
How do I capture match-groups of alternation of a regular expressio... +0.92
Unable to retrieve the last word from a line, using regex -0.29
Remove an apostrophe at the beginning or at the end of a word with... +0.19
How to do a case insensitive search in ed line editor 0.00
Replace all quote marks but leave escaped characters -1.12
remove unwanted groups of characters from string using regex 0.00
Regex matches some substrings whilst ignoring seemingly identical s... 0.00
Discrepancy in `scan` and `match` behavior for different Ruby versi... 0.00
Regex: Replace lowercase letters to Capital letters in < tags &g... 0.00
Strange Replacement in Regular Expression 0.00
Regular expression for email masking +0.19
Regular expressions in Sublime Text 3 0.00
U_REGEX_INVALID_CAPTURE_GROUP_NAME error occurs when trying to esca... 0.00
RegEx - Version in filename +0.76
Grails: Use regex with filter -1.18
end-of-the-word regular expression for mixed language words (in pyt... 0.00
How to replace a string with a single backslash using gsub in R? -0.53
Regex to match multi-character delimiter 0.00
How to produce a negative decimal from a string using Regex? 0.00
How to substitute a character in multiples locations with R 0.00
Regex matching all text following any of the predefined prefixes 0.00
Google BigQuery possible to do Case-Insensitive REGEXP_Match? 0.00
HTML5 input pattern match validation for numer between 0 and 22 -1.37
Regex ending character can be one of 2 0.00
How to get only given captured group <regex> c++ 0.00
Get all characters except hyphen and brackets from string using jav... +1.05
Split with whitespace and comma ignoring single digit number at the... +0.67
Regex split string on custom delimiter up to specific word 0.00
Remove duplicated characters from String using regex keeping first... 0.00
Search for substring inclusive of carriage return and newline chara... 0.00
Bash regex negation issue with grep 0.00
awk regex last occurence of character/pattern +1.53
PHP regular expression to match multiple email ID formats 0.00
regular expression to split C56STOP 0.00
Ruby regex matching a string surrounded by word boundary chars when... 0.00
regular expression whitespace +1.50
Using preg_replace with career names and failing at it 0.00
Want opposite working for regular expression 0.00
How to effectively convert positive number in base -2 to a negative... +0.89
Include in match if pattern exist -0.80