An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1737.07 (46th)
103,188 (301st)
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Title Δ
Circular permutations +0.20
How to perform conditional dataframe operations? +0.66
Pandas sum of all word counts in column +0.66
Merging dummy DataFrames in pandas 0.00
Convert a string to a SymPy expression? 0.00
Python: properly iterating through a dictionary of numpy arrays +1.16
DataFrame Multiple Column Comparison using LAMBDA 0.00
Forward/Backward fill na by incrementing/decrementing last found va... 0.00
Pandas: using dict (including operators) to return column subset fr... +1.23
TypeError: 'generator' object is not subscriptable 0.00
Override the value of accessing a class -1.13
Python: element-wise comparison of array to non-array 0.00
How to get abs() of an mpz in GMPY2? 0.00
ValueError when using scipy.integrate.quad 0.00
Python, array in class parameters don't have the right value wh... +0.21
Python Pandas - Error pivoting table with mixed value types +0.20
Python list comprehension: Flattening a list of lists returns a lis... 0.00
Python Pandas - Issue concat multi-indexed Dataframes 0.00
Get Sympy to expand a fraction into a polynomial equation 0.00
Creating pandas dataframe from a list of strings +1.02
Python matplotlib ValueError: The truth value of an array with more... 0.00
Get indices of top N values in 2D numpy ndarray or numpy matrix 0.00
Image module (from PIL) not recognizing mode = "HSV" 0.00
Single vs Double quotes in Julia 0.00
Workbook object has no attribute 'add_sheet' when using Wor... 0.00
Create array based on conditional logic of values in other arrays i... +0.63
Pandas Return 1 or 0 When Compared to Another Column's Mean +0.37
slice original df after groupby().nlargest(x) operation 0.00
Fill values of a column based on mean of another column +0.65
How do I insert a column after the first column in a CSV and then p... 0.00
generating a dataframe that counts instances from another in pandas +1.71
Calculating new column in Pandas dataframe +0.21
How turn nested iterrows with if statements into vectorized functio... +1.11
How to find a sum of list items with one of two possibilities using... 0.00
one liner to generate a random number between 0 and 100 but last di... +1.31
Multiply some members of an array by independenly drawn random numb... +0.88
Change some elements of an array using a mask in Julia +0.21
Handling web links in Python -0.16
Efficient way to Segment list of list (or array) by second index 0.00
Python: Find largest array index along a specific dimension which i... +1.44
Pandas multiply dataframes with multiindex and overlapping index le... -0.41
Search for a pattern in numpy array +0.77
Cannot import pandas in Python +0.85
Flattening nested generator expressions +0.23
Replace one item in a string with one item from a list +0.32
Is there faster way to create a list of (0,1) combination in python? -0.52
How to convert somewhat arbitrary strings to valid human-readable i... 0.00
Sage SDES Value Error 0.00
Reversing words in a Python string (including punctuation) -0.61
How to reverse a dictionary in Julia? +0.04