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Rory McCrossan

1731.29 (53rd)
111,165 (264th)
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Title Δ
JQuery and CSS relationship - .fadeOut() and classes 0.00
How to select an element under a table row based on another element... -0.29
Django button with javascript alert 0.00
jquery using .filter() to check two td:nth-child(x) conditions 0.00
Reference Error: variable is not defined 0.00
jquery scrollLeft() not working 0.00
AJAX uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected Identifier -1.80
Is there any way to efficiently express the Javascript code like th... -0.81
How to use C# string inside jQuery in Razor? +0.20
JQueryUI / SelectMenu - Unexpected padding on the bottom +0.24
.change() method with visible selector issue +0.22
getting contents by jqery closest -2.86
Create a checkbox when checked it should show certain input fields... +0.19
Reset select option based on button +0.56
How to achieve two different behaviors with the same button +0.22
How do I get the parent of hasClass()? +1.19
jquery change column order based on td class +0.21
call function from ID 0.00
Replace text in td that follows a td 0.00
Checking for status of jquery hide and show 0.00
Set div to hidden, then visible after time delay +0.79
Imagine you have a movie collection, and you want to write code tha... +0.71
I want to find the closest td when button in that tr is clicked +0.83
Trying to make a webpage refresh counter -0.32
Delete a dynamic row with confirmation box +0.72
How to set a variable as Cookie (javascript) +0.21
How to check a form is submitted or other links are clicked in jque... -0.29
Set variable to data attribute value instead of NaN -1.10
Mustache templating - Basic example not displaying and not throwing... 0.00
Make inputfield clickable everywhere inside button-div -0.92
Checkbox to enable/disable scroll of the div content +0.21
What is the similar code of jquery's $('#something') in... +1.90
How to check if a span in a div contain certain text? +0.17
How to store active class of a div when page reloads using local st... 0.00
Jquery result in its relative div +0.21
jQuery add/remove class or toggle class +0.75
Meta slider is not working error: $(...).flexslider is not a function 0.00
JQuery select all selects without options +0.06
Show/hide all comments but 3 latest for each section +0.22
print variable outside function in javascript +0.67
Disable Submit on input character count limit +0.25
SCRIPT438: Object doesn't support property or method 'resiz... 0.00
compare element position from first array with number from second one -0.08
How to use callback function in javascript? 0.00
Instantly replay audio on keydown() 0.00
Getting unknown syntax error 0.00
triggering js after ajax 0.00
jquery each count issue? 0.00
BootStrap Switch added with javaScript doesn't fire events 0.00
Add HTML after an input element with jQuery -0.36