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Martin Smith

1744.81 (35th)
225,186 (69th)
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Title Δ
SELECT TOP 1 without ORDER BY Issue ignores WHERE statement +0.19
SQL Server 2014. Fastest way to update a numeric field -0.00
SQL join return rows when Where not satisfied 0.00
Why doesn't SQL Server use the index on the computed column? +0.18
Trying to capture the result of a select query into a variable but... -2.03
I don't understand how the SQL statement returns this answer 0.00
Literal vs variable in T-SQL query with view produces vastly differ... 0.00
How can I make T-SQL perform OPTION (FORCE ORDER) when defining vie... 0.00
SqlServer - OPTION RECOMPILE parallel execution behavior 0.00
When does sql server update index 0.00
Adding unique, random 5 million rows to a table +1.13
SQL WHERE condition with OR and NULL-values +0.19
SQL Server transaction (ID) Deadlock 0.00
SQL like statement excluding Strings -1.37
How to get the Avg from a column of Time(7) datatype? 0.00
how to compare specific number in a column and drive their respecti... -1.30
SQL-Server replacing parts of a string using regex -1.15
Window function to count occurrences in last 10 minutes +0.58
ALL uses of <> in SSMS schemata - Found one that I can't... +0.19
How to replace while loop? 0.00
Matching column values as prefixes +0.88
SQL Server - Set a bit variable using SELECT CASE WHEN, but default... -1.29
SQL instead of insert trigger confusion 0.00
Is it possible to read and assign variable in the same statement in... +0.19
How to use View elements inside Where clause in SQL +0.52
Calculation in Sql Server -0.01
Regex for MsSQL check constraint 0.00
Rolling sum previous 3 months SQL Server -1.37
JOIN / MERGE several tables with same key -0.53
How can I add group numbers to sequential records in SQL Server 201... 0.00
Query which would return non common empId from both the tables +0.03
Fluently adding values in t-sql -0.23
How to trim the values passing the in clause of the select query +0.27
SQL Server - How the same page can be exclusively (X) locked by two... +0.70
Is MERGE statement is a good option to use when we are just updatin... 0.00
Why does this PowerShell script produce an error? 0.00
SQL Server - Drop constraint and add default value at once 0.00
SQL Server(T-sql) Update table from botom to top 0.00
How to speed up recreating cluster index 0.00
Update employee pay by 2 dollars if worked for more than a year -1.02
How using JOIN to sort table works? 0.00
Get a defined row instead of empty result set: SQL Server -1.43
Calculate A Weighted Average in SQL 0.00
Count number of NULL values in a row +0.86
How to apply a derived column list (table and column aliases) to a... -0.99
Find if any columns that contain null in SQL Server -0.46
counting number of instances within a string +1.06
SQL Server 'Invalid column name' in transaction +0.67
Running an alter table alter column statement more than once in SQL... 0.00