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Eric Lippert

1909.82 (1st)
367,481 (23rd)
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Title Δ
Why A non-parameterless constructor is still ok? -1.43
How do yield and await implement flow of control in .NET? +0.54
Generic "identifier" pattern in C# +0.08
Why is using namespaces working in an unintuitive way? -3.23
String.join on one dimension of a 2 dimensional array -2.17
C# Converting object to List<object> +0.08
Async methods running on same thread with no time delay +0.31
IEnumerator vs IEnumerator<T> 0.00
Problems with Enum as Flags -1.10
How can you implement a Remove method on a custom collection(c#) wi... +0.33
Compiler warning when using const boolean +0.22
Why does C# implement anonymous methods and closures as instance me... 0.00
Trying to divide two numbers keep getting Dividebyzero error 0.00
Need in IS operator in C# +0.09
Recursive code is hard to understand - need to simplify +0.33
C# difference between button events and custom class +0.08
How to execute multiple async Tasks concurrently +0.53
Is it possible for a derived class to hold a reference to an existi... +0.46
In C#, how can I order this list of objects by which item is greater? +0.18
Inheritance - Can't access base class data member in derived cl... +0.21
how to get rid of Too many characters in character literal? +0.08
My "if" statement is not working as expected +0.08
Can you use nameof when hidden by in scope member? +0.07
Overloading methods in inherited classes +0.31
C# memory address value cannot be modified? 0.00
Async function with two awaited async calls, where the 2nd needs th... 0.00
Is there a way to designate X in y = (k1 + k2 × x) mod (s)? 0.00
Why can't GetType() on a value type be replaced with a string l... +0.39
How do I evaluate the division of BigIntegers as decimal rather tha... 0.00
Weird behaviour of c# compiler due caching delegate 0.00
How to catch event firing from class constructor +0.44
Are these try/catch equivalent -1.04
Is it possible to have C# async method return type to be something... 0.00
Handle variable number of out parameters with less code duplication... +0.33
Other way to solve assigning +0.30
This code hangs in release mode but works fine in debug mode -0.99
Is it possible to update array elements using foreach? +0.16
Can I use Roslyn to accomplish this C# syntax transformation? +0.09
immediate average of a value in past 1000 seconds +0.25
How garbage collection decides generation for variable +0.42
Calling method with same name for different types 0.00
Why typeof(int).ToString() is not constant? +0.20
Randomly generate height using stature data 0.00
Is it possible to await a null literal? +0.49
F# struct member referencing 'this' results in an error -0.31
Finding all possible paths +0.08
How do nested for loops work in c# +0.07
C# Update out parameter in another function -1.55
Inheritance and Generic Type Setting -2.43
GenericArguments[0], 'MvcApplication66.Controllers.HomeControll... -0.42