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1775.45 (16th)
108,494 (274th)
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Title Δ
How to change color of the scrollbar in SynMemo with VCL styles 0.00
Delphi. How to disable Vcl Themes for TFileOpenDialog and TOpenDialog +0.17
Ownerdraw VCL grids not picking expected selected colour for VCL St... 0.00
Strange piece of Delphi Code -2.97
Get a specific glyph from Delphi VCL Style 0.00
MessageDlg does not make sound -0.57
Update many projects to use a common VCL style 0.00
Why FMX.TWebBrowser cannot be used in desktop applications as per D... 0.00
Easiest way to show differently styled buttons 0.00
Vcl Style Utils - Get rid of default form icon +1.27
Delphi 10 Seattle - Vista Dialogs bug with VCL Styles 0.00
Property "ofOverwritePrompt" for TSaveDialog does not wor... +0.45
NumbersOnly TEdit Delphi Hint not working +0.97
Access the WMI from Delphi +0.76
Using Delphi XE3 How Do I get a List Of Tables in MS Access AND Exc... 0.00
How to locate Key in Windows Registry? 0.00
Drag drop text in Delphi +0.15
How capture a window that is opened inside of a “new desktop enviro... 0.00
How to get the value of StartingOffset properties in class Win32_Di... 0.00
Error with variables/procedure +0.89
Delphi: TOpenDialog + VCL Styles corrupts filenames with large amou... +0.52
FireDac GetFieldNames without quotes 0.00
VCL TImage + TImageList, transparent feature doesn't work or wh... 0.00
How can I force a FireMonkey TComboEdit to show its drop down progr... 0.00
Publish Delphi EXE to Windows Store 0.00
Delphi : Call user selection interface 0.00
VCL Styles - Only skin one control 0.00
How do I get the horizontal and vertical scroll bar position of TWi... 0.00
How do I tell if TDBImage my has been erased/emptied? 0.00
How to apply different style sheets to VCL buttons in Delphi XE8 0.00
Can I use the new Delphi VCL styles to simply color a specific obje... 0.00
TreeView's ScrollBar Not Accept VCL theme when mirroring 0.00
Using custom styles shows invalid characters when right-clicking a... 0.00
Delphi: Retrieve current network connection type 0.00
How to check if hard disk is encrypted or not using VC++? 0.00
Get process handle of created processes Windows 0.00
Detect/identify the port (HDMI, other) the monitor is connected to... 0.00
TDateTimePicker looks ugly with VCL Styles Hooks 0.00
Detecting Printer configuration changes in c# 0.00
make Delphi XE 8 editor color more clear +0.17
How can I determine what screen/monitor the application is running... -1.29
How to get locale id MacOS/Android +0.75
Delphi TADOQuery: Format data before SavetoFile 0.00
Delphi - Have external's app minimization to trigger another ap... 0.00
Delphi How to get default value for property using RTTI -0.66
How to check if a style file is already loaded? -2.29
How to retrieve WMI data such as UUID from a C# program? 0.00
How to make TMaskEdit a multiline edit in Delphi XE2 0.00
How do I work with Apple OSX API with Delphi? 0.00
Call a protected method (constructor) via RTTI +1.08