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Aven Desta

1490.45 (4,408,749th)
29 (1,357,667th)
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Title Δ
Calculating difference in angle between two angles 0.00
How to get index of a certain words in sublists? -1.86
How to loop through an array of objects, dictionary and output data... 0.00
How do I get a different random number each time on the same variab... +0.45
Adding data from an array to a new column in a file using bash -1.60
Random break,pass and continue statements Python 0.00
Convert nth character of all filenames in a directory to uppercase... +0.33
output keeps only using place holder 0 in python 0.00
Python find closest neighbors to a value in a dataframe -4.13
Cannot print $ in matplotlib text 0.00
How can I return a number between commas? 0.00
Not getting the entire <li> line using BeautifulSoup 0.00
Finding the next closest number in a list -2.27
Summing values in the same column based on conditions 0.00
How to redirect output of python script to bash variable? -2.98
How to substract (last column, last row) minus (last column, first... 0.00
Updating Telegram Bot Commands In Realtime 0.00
Group files by common substring in their names -3.05
AttributeError: module 'whois' has no attribute 'whois&... 0.00
Simple symmetric encryption with Python +0.68
looking for a function that help me to avoid duplication into the t... -2.46
Get the last file name in a S3 folder? -3.21
pandas find value counts of column 0.00
Using "find" remove .js files and maintain .min.js files +3.89
How can I remove nested list items from a python list if they have... +4.40
Find matching sequence of items in a list +2.22
Find the most repetitive value in a python dictionnary +3.86
Why does my list print from the last index? +0.07
How do I find the number with the most divisors in an array? -2.23
scapy packet.hasLayer(http.HTTPrequest) not working? 0.00
How to split a video in parts using Python? 0.00
From string to fstring 0.00
Ubuntu: Using grep and find to find files that either containa stri... 0.00
In Bootstrap grid system how to align grid for following effect? 0.00
python program to fill fixed-length-array with string without any w... -1.01
how can i go back in python -0.02
smallest letter greater than target +1.99
Getting corrupted mp3 after downloading file using requests in Python +4.03
How to use find and prename to reformat directory names recursively? -1.56
Strange behaviour of bash script using tr 0.00
Python - create separate lists but integers and strings not working +4.11
Is it pythonic to declare two variables at once with multiple equal... -3.22
how to add one list with another list? +0.06
How to get the filename in directory with the max number in the fil... -0.90
nodejs: Evaluation failed: ReferenceError: variable is not defined 0.00
how to find the upper alpha characters with space between them usin... +0.05
I'm getting error during sniff packet using scapy 0.00
inf values while division of column A by column B -4.11
How to count the occurrence of each character in a given name(strin... -1.34
Python requests json, make the json respons look better +0.30