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Jan Rieke

1528.90 (19,048th)
1,140 (137,475th)
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Title Δ
Automatic generation of builder pattern that boxes generic type 0.00
Lombok @Builder.Default isn't working for @Value object if to s... 0.00
Is there a way to exclude all the fields from @EqualsAndHashCode ot... 0.00
Using Lombok's @SuperBuilder concept on a class extended from a... 0.00
Customize lombok super builder 0.00
Using Lombok @SuperBuilder annotation with toBuilder on an abstract... +3.73
Unable to perform custom deserialisation when using a builder 0.00
Make @JsonAnySetter work with @Value Lombok 0.00
JsonIgnore annotation is not working with Lombok +3.78
How to test when bean is using a custom Lombok Builder 0.00
Lombok String Array Property 0.00
How to deserialize Java Optional field with lombok builder? 0.00
Gradle compilation error with lombok after merge 0.00
Java Class based on Enum fields +3.72
Lombok @SuperBuilder is not initializing my class objects 0.00
Use custom setter in Lombok's builder with superclass 0.00
How to ensure that child class will call the correct super construc... 0.00
Generate getters returning value of nested object -0.11
Error while use builder(lombok) in constructor annotation 0.00
Does annotations order matter? -1.32
Mapstruct generated class uses Lombok builder from parent instead o... -4.31
Lombok builder pattern issue 0.00
Does the lombok buiilder on constructor should be only one? 0.00
Eclipse not recognising Lomboks constructor injection +3.76
Different effect when using plural method on Collection field with... 0.00
Common Builder base instance for a class hierarchy using Lombok +3.82
SLF4J: Failed toString() invocation on an object of type lombok 0.00
How to get super fields in Lombok annotation handler -3.80
Using Builder to also build encapsulated object 0.00
Can't access constructor with @AllArgsConstructor but works wit... 0.00
Lombok @Wither Inheritance (super-/sub- classes) 0.00
How do I use lombok @Builder to store different values? -0.98
constructor parent in parent class cannot be applied to given types... 0.00
@Builder.Default in base class not working? 0.00
lombok builders does not care of restricted set of method/construct... 0.00
Is it possible to use Lombok @Builder, starting from static method? 0.00
Getting around Json jackson and lombok constructor requirements +1.73
Eclipse - Show @SuppressWarnings(value={"all"}) when lomb... 0.00
Bind return type to supertype via Lombok 0.00
How to use Jackson to deserialize external Lombok builder class 0.00
How to use Lombok's toBuilder on @SuperBuilder 0.00
Why I see lombok imports in decompiled class -0.27
What are disadvantages of using Lombok in my Spring Boot RestApi? +3.83
Does lombok '@Slf4j' slows down object initialization? 0.00
Lombok builder override default constructor +0.20
How to get Jackson to ignore constructorproperties -4.27
Is it possible to add annotations to static factorymetods with lombok 0.00
How to add setter to Class using Lombok @Value +3.82
Lombok Customize SuperBuilder +3.52
Java class inheritance override List field -4.21