An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rob Lyndon

1521.95 (28,343rd)
6,885 (23,373rd)
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Title Δ
Flutter: Failing to combine localisation with Provider package -1.96
Flutter app stops on launch when Firebase Analytics is added 0.00
BufferBlock.ReceiveAsync hangs in a HostedService 0.00
Error while trying to send an account verification email with a dyn... 0.00
F# ASP.NET Core project: EntryPointAttribute error 0.00
ASP.NET Core: request returns 200 OK with no content: controller no... 0.00
Xamarin Forms on TeamCity: Xamarin.Forms tasks do not match targets -0.03
Xamarin Android Firebase implementation: IsEmailVerified remains fa... 0.00
Xamarin Android: F# icon not being picked up by Resources 0.00
TeamCity Azure Resource Manager Template: Missing MSBuild 0.00
NEST Sort by Text field 0.00
Nuget pack suddenly failing 0.00
Firebase IID Service not started after latest NuGet upgrade 0.00
Azure Mobile Service: Serialization of Tables 0.00
Integrating Autofac with Microsoft Azure Mobile Services 0.00
Xamarin Forms (Android): OnCreate bundle is null 0.00
Can I call methods of "aliased" types in single-case disc... -0.89
Xamarin.Auth Android project results in "Cannot find symbol&qu... 0.00
F# - how to turn a list into a list of list? 0.00
Sum method return long value +0.45
F# WPF MVVM can I do this without making the view model variables m... +0.48
Reversing a list then adding new item +0.90
ReactiveUI for Xamarin Forms: Two-way binding doesn't work for... -0.03
Xamarin Forms Geocoder: no compilation or runtime errors, and no re... +1.15
F# - Creating program to read a file and print in reverse, how do I... +2.05
How to insert new row with complex key when one column is identity... 0.00
Runtime error using Xamarin Android with F# and ReactiveUI -0.53
Date.getDay() is returning different values -0.46
Match values from 2 arrays with equal index -0.52
Parallel For loop versus simple for loop in c#. Speed test 0.00
C# for/while Loop is not going to be executed fully 0.00
The potential impact of an if statement inside a loop -0.85
Can I count the no. of columns in an access database? -0.65
Setting start index to loop in Angular js +0.19
MobileServiceInvalidOperationException Xamarin.Forms connecting to... 0.00
Angular doesn't update view when array was changed -0.20
C# Convert between Deedle Frame and DataTable 0.00
How can I get the return type of a Func<T> using reflection? -0.44
F#: What is the difference between [0; 1; 2; 3; 4; 5] and [0, 1, 2,... 0.00
Iterating through object properties returns all object properties -0.03
F# sum of a list of lists 0.00
Interface implementation override type of another interface 0.00
Why are parentheses needed on this F# function? +0.39
What is the function of [FromBody] Attribute in C#? +2.01
F# Quotation Generating very strange compile error 0.00
replace new lines with "" in C# -0.16
Warning major version 52 is newer than 51, the highest major versio... +1.54
Can't reference an F# class library -0.53
I think I need Parallel.For to speed this nest up... But how? -0.02
Parse a String to a generic Comparable +2.27