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Rating Stats for

Martijn Pieters

1847.25 (4th)
998,050 (6th)
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Title Δ
BufferedReader, can't read BMP. TypeError: cannot unpack non-it... 0.00
How to use implementation inheritance? +0.13
Return custom http code after redirection in flask 0.00
pool yields 'local variable referenced before assignment' e... 0.00
Flask - Can't override default subdomain for blueprints needing... 0.00
How to log messages from different threads to different files? 0.00
'<' not supported sometimes when sorting list of tuples... 0.00
Python Bug: dictionary iterated backwards in Leetcode 0.00
Do I need to create multiple DAGs or one DAG and multiple tasks? 0.00
Count number days between two dates, not counting weekends and holi... 0.00
Trying to timeit a function +0.66
Optimized way for checking if the given number is a Palindrome 0.00
Can you check if 4 out of 7 variables are the same? +0.36
HTML entities appear to contain nonsense 0.00
Removing empty sublists from a nested list +0.61
PyInstaller & Pymeasure : NotImplementedError +0.12
I've discovered something strange 0.00
5x5 Sliding Puzzle Fast & Low-Move Solution +0.24
Itertools.product buiding intermediary results in memory? 0.00
What is the difference between pandas "describe" and &quo... +0.30
Error because of variable length optionals arguments (*args) in Pyt... 0.00
How can I make random.choices generate more than 1 number? -0.72
Why is set() constructor slower than list() 0.00
Airflow: How to create child operators from inside python_callable... +0.12
Using python 'requests' package to sort by date 0.00
Using datetime.strptime, why, when I input the year as “20” does it... 0.00
Python request to curl request 0.00
Most efficient way of creating a tuple from list of tuples +0.51
How do you get mypy to recognize a newer version of python? -0.71
pip3 does not find a dependency for my package, though it exists -1.12
Python coverage is installing without C extension on Windows under... 0.00
How to find code which was never executed in despite a... +0.31
Dictionary changes without obvious reason +1.03
python requests: adding "referer" header to redirected re... 0.00
TypeError: '<' not supported between instances of 's... 0.00
Python script to convert octal to string eg octal(755) to (rwxr-xr-... -0.38
Python extracting only the First href link for every nth occurence... 0.00
Python ftech Title and pdf link from an url +0.12
Running python3 with debug set to OFF with -O 0.00
Difference between None and <no value> +0.69
super() printable representation 0.00
How can I compare two lists of lists in Python and find matching va... 0.00
Python run multiple background loops independently 0.00
Pythonic way for dealing with nested if/else and while 0.00
Python: Usage of ^ operator within a print expression: {^:61}.format 0.00
Extracting city and state from location column, hit AttributeError... 0.00
Why use time.sleep with random.expovariate in password check? 0.00
Iterate through JSON object finite number of times in Python +0.13
How to remove duplicates of list of lists based on element in neste... +0.33
Trying to show custom error if Python2 is run on a .py file fails d... 0.00