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Martijn Pieters

1839.43 (4th)
811,081 (9th)
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Title Δ
How would I work around this invalid literal for int() with base 10... +0.47
How do I remove a specific line from a text file in python +0.12
tempfile.TemporaryDirectory contextmanager does not use /tmp folder 0.00
Is there a best practice for defining variables in _init_ method +0.65
Python HTTP request and debug level logging to the log file 0.00
Confusing past paper, why does it omit the self parameters? 0.00
Wrap an io.BufferedIOBase such that it becomes seek-able -0.89
Receiving a JSON response from a POST request 0.00
ResourceWarning: unclosed file <_io.BufferedReader name=4> 0.00
Decoding Hex when pulling Multilingual Email Data with imaplib in P... 0.00
How can I notify an async routine from a sync routine? +0.39
Examining local variables up the stack in python 0.00
How does Base.metadata work in Sqlalchemy? 0.00
How to write to a file with newline characters and avoid empty lines 0.00
When does python copy local lists added to a global dictionary? 0.00
Import all functions and classes inside a module into a class python 0.00
Changing function code using a decorator and execute it with eval? 0.00
Difference between using a database driver and subprocess 0.00
Python3 Flask asyncio subprocess in route hangs 0.00
jose encryption returns binary string but decrypting with decoded s... 0.00
How to solve fix 'list index out of range' while accessing... 0.00
How to stop executing else block while searching in an array in pyt... 0.00
falcon-autocrud: how to handle unique rows? 0.00
What could be practical examples of using finally in the try block... 0.00
NameError (Class) in python 0.00
Python: append/ extend method +0.38
Is there a way to include either a user input prompt or a time.slee... 0.00
Merge multiple sqlite3 identical databases, with different names 0.00
Returning indicies for the values producing the max difference -1.38
AttributeError: 'StreamingPullFuture' object has no attribu... 0.00
Summing a transaction chain in a dataframe, rows linked by column v... -0.38
cython implementation of groupby failing with NameError 0.00
how to find dll functions from python? 0.00
Python: How to correctly do this recursion function? +0.11
Aggregating big xml file to dictionary takes too long in Python usi... 0.00
Python: parsing ESMA (european financial authority) XML files 0.00
How to set up namespaces for Azure tts (mstts) 0.00
Is it possible to change PyTest's assert statement behaviour in... 0.00
Repeatedly check conditions inside loop or check up front but have... +0.51
Is it possible to call a function before defining it in python? +0.12
put filename in file between tags <fileName></fileName> 0.00
for loop using enumerate terminates unexpectedly 0.00
Generating two-element tuples of coordinates in a function -0.52
OrderedDict(Counter(s)) will it give ordered dictionay always? 0.00
Counting the number of stars in a diamond pattern +0.40
How to convert all the printf-styles in a module to formatting styl... 0.00
Extract data from xml file (python) 0.00
Different syntax errors hide line in output 0.00
How to check if for loop is in the middle value 0.00
Can random.uniform(0,1) ever generate 0 or 1? +0.91