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Rating Stats for

Martijn Pieters

1841.29 (4th)
732,999 (9th)
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Title Δ
How to understand singly linked list in python and their in-place c... 0.00
class 'int' instead of type 'int': string indices m... +0.89
How to reverse the effect of backslash? +0.90
Python async/await difference in execution time 0.00
How could HMAC comparison ever not be constant-time in Python? 0.00
Flask URL Parameters with % Are Not Properly Handled +0.12
assert_called_with of patched function -0.13
Mocking sqlalchemy db connection 0.00
How to create Python Enum class from existing dict with additional... +0.65
Pandas Group By Certain Columns 0.00
TypeError: 'NoneType' is not iterable 0.00
Why does first code fragment swap values properly, but second one d... 0.00
Flask-Uploads will not enforce allowing only .csv files 0.00
Scraping difficult table +0.36
Is `bytearray` thread-safe with one writer and multiple readers? 0.00
Python list comprehension for if else statemets +0.12
Sort a list of dict with a key from another list of dict +0.48
Calling member methods from class object in python 3 0.00
How to decompress lzma2 (.xz) and zstd (.zst) files into a folder u... +0.12
Catching Exceptions in Individual Tasks and Restarting Them 0.00
How to use an equivalent to __post_init__ method with normal class? 0.00
How to get duplicate values from a list of dictionary in python 0.00
Bulk insert using PostgreSQL copy_from, psycopg2 and StringIO 0.00
Python Dictionary Schema Validation with Dynamic "is in"... +0.12
Is it possible to add port number to python requests host name? 0.00
Mock/Test Calls to 0.00
python asyncio gets deadlock if multiple stdin input is needed 0.00
Duplication of code for synchronous and asynchronous implementations 0.00
Eventlet - ImportError: No module named dnskeybase 0.00
python class usage without a new line for python -c '...'? 0.00
How to get request parameters from an encoded URL in Django? +0.12
Does the post method all the function to display in Flask 0.00
sqlalchemy join two tables together 0.00
what happens if you import a decorated python function from another... -1.12
Retrieving MusicBrainz fingerprint with python 0.00
Python AttributeError: 'Series' object has no attribute ... 0.00
How to print 2 keys from a python dictionary +0.81
Parsing Dictionary in python 0.00
How to get current inserted row in PonyORM? 0.00
How to convert list of strings to list of dictionaries in python +0.12
What does this python program do? Was it a RAT? 0.00
How to yield single item from a buffer of many items and periodical... 0.00
Adding int's together and getting the wrong anser +0.63
Do I need to use methods=['GET', 'POST'] in -0.63
Hide egg-info folders from editable/develop mode 0.00
Python: How to iterate 3 lists -0.20
Decrypt AES256 on Python vs PHP 0.00
'Table' object has no attribute 'id' on SQLAlchemy... 0.00
Using a generator in a while loop and evaluate after every yield +0.13
Split SQL statements on function name but keep delimiter in Python +0.27