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Rating Stats for

Martijn Pieters

1839.50 (4th)
767,591 (9th)
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Title Δ
OrderedDict(Counter(s)) will it give ordered dictionay always? 0.00
Counting the number of stars in a diamond pattern +0.40
How to convert all the printf-styles in a module to formatting styl... 0.00
Extract data from xml file (python) 0.00
Different syntax errors hide line in output 0.00
How to check if for loop is in the middle value 0.00
Can random.uniform(0,1) ever generate 0 or 1? +0.91
Why is the mypy FAQ mentioning performance impact? 0.00
Given a dict iterator, get the dict 0.00
How to skip the Pylint message for function definition in Python? 0.00
Confusion transitioning from Python 2 to Python 3: Why support both? -0.66
python lxml how i use tag in items name? 0.00
word count engine, output using square brackets and order incorrect +0.62
Extract folder from python package resource 0.00
In Django, how to use constant from a static file? 0.00
Base64 and XOR operation needed 0.00
how does the OR operator (|) works in regular expression? 0.00
How to exclude group of characters in python +0.46
Convert Bytes of String of List into JSON 0.00
Is np.set_printoptions() just for display purposes? 0.00
AttributeError: 'tuple' object has no attribute 'is_ena... 0.00
Is the output week number string correct? +0.12
ValueError on list when using for loop -0.36
CSV.writer each set entry on a new line 0.00
Python multithreading function argument 0.00
Try-finally vs :with pool as" 0.00
Extract example from python help into ipython session 0.00
How do I create another element after looping through a set number... +0.75
Issues with list comprehension in Lambda function +0.13
How can I sort and group full name dictionary keys by last name in... 0.00
Is the syntax in this piece of python code correct? -0.79
Overriding the __str__ method for @classmethods in python 0.00
Why does my print statement only work inside of a for loop? +0.54
In python bytecode what does fast stand for? 0.00
'Confirm' a user click -1.51
How to annotate `__eq__` when it uses an attribute? -3.46
How can I set an attribute in a frozen dataclass custom __init__ me... +0.13
How to make combinations and random sample in Python -0.64
Python 3 cannot find a module 0.00
Sorting a nested dictionary with paired names +0.50
how to show results depending on where particular item is 0.00
How to check if the substring exists in a list of values in Python? 0.00
Add leading zeros based on condition in python -0.97
Getting an error when writing a test for celery task 0.00
Using itertools groupby to find the group of all even numbers in a... 0.00
Computational complexity of nested for loops 0.00
Windows, Flask and Cherrypy as WSGI server - gzip compression does... 0.00
Issue consecutive commands in python? +0.14
yield from wasn't used with future 0.00
Why does super().__new__ sometimes return type of parent class? 0.00