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Martijn Pieters

1841.29 (4th)
718,910 (9th)
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Title Δ
How to flatten one layer of list of list of lists in python? +0.43
How to properly use asyncio.FIRST_COMPLETED 0.00
Python type hinting compatibility +0.12
Logging in to Aruba's NBAPI for Mobility Master with requests f... 0.00
Why should we use re.purge() in python regular expression? 0.00
How can I wait for an object's __del__ to finish before the asy... 0.00
an example about C3 0.00
Handling mutable shared objects in async/multithreading. Alternativ... +0.43
NoneType not subscriptable error only if in the scope of try/except... 0.00
BytesIO -> BufferedIOBase -> TextIOWrapper not possible to re... 0.00
MacOS Python 3 netrc operations end up with UnicodeDecodeError 0.00
Function for checking if dictionary values contains 2 parameters +0.53
Struggling with recursive code to bisection search a string 0.00
Python: Removing all words that start with a Capital Letter and doe... 0.00
Combine list values in 1 string +0.69
Variable inside variable in Jinja2 0.00
Trouble understanding super() when calling multiple parents 0.00
How to exclude files in path directory using pathlib in python the... 0.00
Padding negative numbers with 0 using .format() 0.00
why is "append" method not working correctly? +0.13
How is PyODBC different from Sqlalchemy? 0.00
Identify if a function is a nested function 0.00
TypeError: string indices must be integers on JSON from a cURL comm... -0.38
how to start a for loop from a chosen row of pandas.df? 0.00
How can I fix "ImportError: cannot import name 'printmsg&#... 0.00
How to efficiently use asyncio when calling a method on a BaseProxy? +0.13
Iterative postorder traversal of a binary tree with a single stack,... 0.00
Mocking a class used in a with statement 0.00
Error with socket. AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no... 0.00
Make a new list in CSV without using pandas: return UnicodeDecodeEr... 0.00
Listing files with specific endings in folder as variable, using py... 0.00
Python - dictionaries comparision 0.00
Python logging: disable stack trace 0.00
How Python deals with objects that come from "elsewhere" +0.13
Using "if any():" in Jinja2? 0.00
How to restart my Python script if I run it with "python -m&qu... 0.00
Copying data into a buffer (byte array) 0.00
Implementing an abstract class with a class method doesn't rais... 0.00
Finding two integers that multiply to 20. Can I make this code more... +0.20
Python Convert flat list of dicts to hierarchy tree +0.12
What motivates the "no-alignment" policy of PEP 8? 0.00
Flask Sqlalchemy model return different result by calling model.__d... 0.00
Getting line number of return statement -0.79
ImportError: cannot import name 'safe_join' 0.00
"from src import *" dynamic import for all functions in a... 0.00
Decorating class methods by overriding __new__ doesn't work? 0.00
Exception str() failed 0.00
rsa sha1 encrypt using python 0.00
passing multiple arguments in python on a loop 0.00
Improve the speed of for loop for readline of very big files 0.00