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Rating Stats for

Konstantin Yovkov

1686.20 (216th)
53,724 (1,818th)
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Title Δ
Time complexity of an algorithm where the input is known? -0.56
Java Generics incompatible types for the exact same class +0.54
How to define failed predicate in composite Guava predicate 0.00
longest path in a tree starting from 0 in java 0.00
Java - Find the difference between two arrays with duplicates +0.70
Bitbucket Server - ignore certain files during auto-merge 0.00
Generic type is lost once parent class has generic 0.00
Is there a difference between dfs and topological sort? Can topolog... 0.00
Taking varargs in Scanner Class -0.24
How to solve problem "4967 - Tri graphs" ICPC Live Archive 0.00
Java, private access in main() +1.09
How to keep removing values at odd places from a vector until we... +0.83
Which algorithm should I use to optimize my code? 0.00
Java SE : generics and inheritance/polymorphism 0.00
determine if list is periodic python +0.91
Which inbuilt java classes other than String uses pooling? +1.23
Accept generic List as parameter and use it base on its type -2.33
Finding if a value is contained in a binary tree -0.82
Creating a Collection to return from a generic method +0.14
REST : InputStream and Memory Management 0.00
generated sources of other modules 0.00
How to convert list of generic subtypes to list of specific subtype? -0.74
Java generic and getThis() idiom are confusing 0.00
Convert Long to Float and Integer 0.00
Scala Code snippet - What is the Java 8 equivalent? -2.90
Checking condition safety and evaluating in same if statement -0.75
Java Generics Call Constructor -0.75
Intellij doesn't recognise Mockito class as Test class 0.00
Creating a method checking for i in an array (only returns false) +0.09
Generics cannot find symbol 0.00
How Number objects print the value in java? -2.27
Concise way to fill up an ArrayList with data 0.00
Preorder traversal of a binary tree. If vs while +0.32
Java inheritance and method resolution order +0.03
Putting a new value into a Map if not present, or adding it if it is -0.25
Repeating Sequence of numbers +0.25
How do I get Comparator.comparing to correctly infer type parameters? -0.73
What is this parameter used for? 0.00
Set field through a function -1.31
Print double with exact length in java +0.48
How to get actual class type from Class<T> method argument -0.33
Type mismatch in java for each statement 0.00
java member variables' visibility between parent class and chil... -0.06
Type conversion error in Generic +0.26
How to restrict Java generics type parameter in interface to certai... -0.34
Why is the compiler giving me an error with writeInt? 0.00
Given `T` and `U` where `T extends U` how to return a `U` -0.78
"?:" instead of "if else" statement with Boolea... +0.46
Can I have function types in Java's Enum like Swift? +0.19
Complete switch on enum in Java produces "Missing return state... +0.25