An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1464.06 (4,399,067th)
1,664 (98,586th)
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Title Δ
Printing multi keyed Hash in Perl -2.72
Shortest distance in the log semiring for a weighted automaton 0.00
Jquery Ajax stream audio in binary format +0.02
Debugging with jdb 0.00
What are some good ways of estimating 'approximate' semantic simila... +5.77
Regex/CTFG in F#/.net -1.12
String splitting issue problem with multiword expressions -1.03
Not getting exact result in python with the values leading zero. Pl... -1.50
iPhone MapKit problems: viewForAnnotation inconsistently setting pi... 0.00
Having encoded a unicode string in javascript, how can I decode it... -3.17
Is it possible to open a pipe-based filehandle which prints to a va... -0.75
Is it possible to open a pipe-based filehandle which prints to a va... -0.75
How to perform FST (Finite State Transducer) composition 0.00
Ideas for Natural Language Processing project? -1.73
Follow-up on iterating over a graph using XML minidom +1.45
How to insert values into database? -3.70
How can I have link text with a URL in Pod's L<>? +1.05
Amazon S3 Python Bulk File Transfer through Python -3.17
Is this a good or bad 'simulation' for Monty Hall? How come? +0.68
Recursive? looping to n levels in Python -3.66
Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) in PHP +4.26
Need text to speech and speech recognition tools for Linux 0.00
Reverse proxy capable pure python webserver? 0.00
Python equivalent of perl's dbi/DBD::Proxy access? (Perl DBI/DBD::P... -4.03
Twisted and p2p applications +1.64
How to automate development environment setup? -3.08
What is the best way to programmatically log into a web site in ord... -3.40
Duplicate text detection / hashing -2.61
How can I find multiple motifs(substring) in a protein sequence(str... -1.76
What tools do web developers use with PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python, e... +0.12
In Windows, what's the most efficient way to compare two files and... +2.73
HTML Escaping - Reg expressions? +0.37
How do I calculate a p-value if I have the t-statistic and d.f. (in... +1.19
How can I get multiple memories from a Perl regex match? -3.80
Spliting a file into lines in Python using re.split -1.08
Creating dictionaries with pre-defined keys -2.30
Unique session id in python -2.50
Delete digits in Python (Regex) -1.92
Scientific Plotting in Python +1.61
Programming tips with Japanese Language/Characters +4.22
If I want to use a pylons app with Apache, should I use mod_wsgi or... -3.85
How do I calculate PDF leading from TTF? -3.93
Sqlite and Python -- return a dictionary using fetchone()? -3.86
How to parse kanji numeric characters using ICU? +4.26
Testing for Japanese/Chinese Characters in a string -3.85
Java voice recognition 0.00
Amazon S3 Url rewrite -0.04
japanese email subject encoding 0.00