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Rating Stats for

Andrej Kesely

1636.79 (752nd)
7,372 (21,645th)
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Title Δ
Address 'Protocol Unknown Error" in Pandas read_json 0.00
Calculating % increase/decrease for a trend in a dataframe 0.00
Error of using Zip function is returning missing result 0.00
Rebuild pandas Dataframe with if Statements 0.00
Extracting Text / Parse Text with html.parser (Python) 0.00
max() lambda function doesn't work correctly 0.00
Rebuild pandas Dataframe +1.79
how to know if a button is enabled using selenium? -2.78
How to get each group of duplicate values of some columns into new... +0.82
How to select rows by applying condition on two columns in dataframe 0.00
How to parse text in a table format shown to a csv file? 0.00
how can I add different size of the values into a pandas data frame... +1.04
How to split elemts in a column into more columns in python +0.31
Merge or concat df's with uneven rows - python +1.15
How do I save an Element Tree to a list based on an attribute in a... 0.00
Parsing data with beautiful soup, targeting data- attribute 0.00
Scraping pages through dates by using beautiful soup -1.41
create new dataframe field using lambda function +0.70
Extracting text from script tag in Python 0.00
How to remove multiple substrings at the end of a list of strings i... +0.31
Pandas wrongfully reading csv +0.32
Compute cummulative sum until a zero appears +1.15
Sort a list within the key domain +0.29
Regex to separate digits after = -0.93
Pandas check for nan values on same line +1.29
How to extract 'alt' value of HTML documents with python? -0.55
Python web scraping unstructured table 0.00
Converting string to datetime object -- '2020-11-16' to a d... 0.00
Get elements from lists if two strings appear in a certain order +0.47
Python BeautifulSoup webscraping 0.00
Need help cycling through a webpage's links on selenium 0.00
Counting the number of vowels in a string and returning the count P... 0.00
Built data frame of two lists -1.04
List of tuples of multiple elements to plain list +0.27
how do I get a Specific part of a web attribute in python with sele... +0.32
How to remove rows where a datetime column matches interval condition +0.31
Create two new columns when splitting words with hyphen in Python -2.67
How do I validate a user's input and make sure it is the correc... 0.00
Reading files in dictionary and returning file value if dataframe c... 0.00
webscraping with beautiful soup -0.70
Get all possible ordered sublists of a list +1.34
Create Dataframe column that increases count based on another colum... 0.00
How to send a response on the site by Python? +0.32
How to convert the the column Time nanoseconds with object data typ... +0.32
Convert a column of list of dictionaries to a column list such that... +0.32
Slicing a portion of a text file with similar start and end strings... +1.49
How to create dynamic dictionary and add list content to it +1.19
Python webscraping blocked -0.19
Effective printing from rest API output in Python 0.00
Get url image scrapy 0.00