An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1462.56 (4,526,998th)
1,748 (94,808th)
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Title Δ
How to add support of marshmallow to existing pre Marshmallow Appli... -0.21
static or instance methods for dbHelper? -0.52
Injecting view in a listener not working with Butterknife +4.50
npm install failed because of virtual directory 0.00
Android Gradle Unit Testing migration from JARs- duplicate hamcrest... 0.00
Cordova version error while using ionic to create new app although... -1.53
Java Class Exception +0.82
How to parse String vars in Java? 0.00
Spring Changes Header for Content-Type? +0.05
How to write Java e2e (end to end) tests -1.69
How to set directory in antcallbacktask? 0.00
Averaging the values in a column of a 2D array java 0.00
Deserializing nested generic custom objects 0.00
I am designing an Resource management tool. Design issue +0.45
how to escape new line while parsing json from xml 0.00
Removing single svn:external giving PROPPATCH error +0.74
How to Handle Browser Popup (During the Download) using Java 0.00
grails change Date format in gsp view 0.00
When exactly session is created in java web application development? +0.36
Getting corrrect output from json object in java -0.92
JDBC Sybase to MySQL Converter 0.00
How to change the Path variable in ant exec task? +2.49
What type of Charset URL encoding should this use? -1.60
java - Why is this for-loop giving a nullpointer exception? +2.19
Using java class in jsp +3.32
Java: Print Array: IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 2, Size: 2 -2.35
Extraction of Sub-string on various delimiters 0.00
pancake sorting 0.00
Testing Database Results -1.69
How to open file in another directory in java? +2.52
Converting millisecond to Datetime gives incorrect time -2.35
How to get the real value of a variable including escape sequences... -3.46
Several string inputs for one variable +2.71
Simple calculator is not printing the answer? -2.82
get <xs:schema attributeFormDefault="unqualified" elem... 0.00
String.format won't allow int +5.09
@XmlRootElement(name="Helloworld") annotation again refer... +1.35
Fill drop down box with values from a class -3.52
How to store hashmap in JPA 0.00
Delete Derby entries +0.75
How do I send a list to the jsp that requested it? +4.24
ActionError message not getting displayed in UI -0.38
simplecaptcha image only served after reload +0.56
JAVA Exception in thread main such element -1.58
debugging in eclipse source not found warning -0.06
parsing xml with attributesn in java -3.98
Java java.sql.SQLException: Invalid column index on preparing state... +4.77
NoClassDefFoundError___The system can not find the specified path__... -0.48
"Double casting" -0.46
line.split("[ ]+") means split with space? -1.03