An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1519.40 (33,150th)
5,064 (32,756th)
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Title Δ
What's the different between `double(double)` and `double (*)(d... -3.61
Werror doesn't make all warnings into errors 0.00
Accessing address of the pointer in a C struct +3.64
c++ OpenGL undefined references +3.82
Get Windows user C# +5.07
write it in one line: add or reduce by a sign of a number -2.43
Problems in generating random colors +4.36
Marshalling C++ Char* In C# 0.00
Load x64 or a x86 DLL depending upon the platform? -1.25
Simplest an fastest C# Expression that always evaluates to false an... -1.09
Issue to Append two list 0.00
How to get the instance of an object as a string? -1.68
What is the Register keyword in C# +3.88
Declarations of p/invoke for file io and pseudo terminal 0.00
Cost of using functions in fortran (or any other language) -3.54
c# Treat an array like pointer -3.97
What does a null object mean? -1.41
Marshal an array of object 0.00
Skip words / symbols when reading file +4.29
Are properties in Interfaces not data? -1.80
C# While TryParse +4.08
Array of Classes and assignment operator -0.07
Returning two variables in a C++ function -1.06
Running .exe crashes while running from vs2010 is succesful -1.15
dynamic array declaration in different ways +0.69
Is GetByteCount(string) additive? 0.00
What does << do? -2.50
what does "this" reserved word do in C# in parameters fie... -2.11
Unpacking an array into method arguments -1.56
Using ref over return +1.35
Static struct with static members -0.05
Is there a function in C language to calculate degrees/radians? -4.02
How to get an object from a loaded dll +3.45
Made IntPtr from myStruct in c#, but c++ dll is expecting a myStruc... 0.00
Reflection get fundamental types 0.00
MonoDevelop 3.1.1 can't find System.Xml.Linq 0.00
C# cannot convert method to non delegate type +4.29
Expressions "j = ++(i | i); and j = ++(i & i); should be a... +2.89
Cannot convert datetime to string +7.07
Missed Chats on Skype using C# -4.10
Do "\a" and the Console.Beep() method play the same beep? 0.00
Understanding DirectX -0.09
Return nullable GCHandle from method 0.00
cc1plus: error: unrecognized command line option "-std=c++11&q... +3.93
error C2440: '=' : cannot convert from 'const char *' to 'char * -4.20
Wrap native DLL for C# -3.33
Lambda function using a delegate +0.04
C# Generics method - calling base class constructor on a type -2.27
Splitting program into header and main files +4.12
Accessing fields of derived classes from a List of a base class -2.15