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1510.36 (66,128th)
3,433 (48,914th)
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Title Δ
SQLite optimization: simultaneous search for lower and upper bounds 0.00
How to format date correctly in LUA script - 05292020 -0.09
How do I make destructors protected for a whole class hierarchy in... 0.00
Get the name of the file a storyboard is from in Corona? +4.27
Different answer SHA-256 code (online generator - Lua-script) 0.00
Counting quotes and formatting source code -3.98
How to access lua's object from lua_topointer? -4.32
Attempt to index global 'p' (a nil value) on line 133 0.00
Changing simple int into an object that can be passed by a referenc... 0.00
Lua alien returning multiple values 0.00
Passing structure address from C to Lua and accessing its contents... 0.00
Lua table constructor values as multi-value-return function calls 0.00
Argv functions vs. LuaJIT FFI's vararg 0.00
LuaJIT FFI string comparison 0.00
Lua deciding to use overloaded _add or _sub -2.70
Why use index method instead of special method in Lua 0.00
Lua: how use all tables in table +1.79
GetFunction returns null luainterface 0.00
What does LUA acronym stand for? 0.00
Embedding Lua 5.2 and defining libraries 0.00
How to pop / clean Lua call stack from C +3.90
string.sub in Corona Lua crashes with ÅÄÖ 0.00
tail call optimization in lua 0.00
How do I make an iterator over a 2-dimensional table in Lua? -1.07
Forward function parameter arg in lua 0.00
Extract the first letter of a UTF-8 string with Lua 0.00
Lua - why for loop limit is not calculated dynamically? +3.79
In Corona SDK how to reverse a unicode string? 0.00
how lua_rawlen work 0.00
for loop inside of body of email lua script -4.12
How to find and replace words containing particular characters in L... +4.09
Return a percentage sign in Lua string.format +4.16
How to correctly use a Lua-XML parser (lua expat / LuaXml) -0.19
Storing reference to lua function in C -2.48
Lua: give custom userdata a tostring method +5.59
How to terminate Lua script? -4.07
lua 5.2.1 unresolved externals 0.00
Lua: Problems with "local var = require("my lib") +5.18
detecting single nil argument in lua 0.00
Lua - How to remove quotes around integers in strings 0.00
include file and it's content 0.00
Compile your lua files -3.94
Is there a more readable way to write for k, v in pairs(my_table) d... +3.96
Lua: nested if statements +3.37
Corona Sdk: Putting Items Created by a Function in a Table -0.18
In Lua, how to get the tail of an array without copying it? +4.51
is there any keyword like const or anything else which does the sam... -3.22
Cannot index 2D array with (attempt to index field '?' (a nil value... 0.00
Accessing a Lua table within a table from C++ -3.90
How to handle C++ exceptions when calling functions from Lua? 0.00