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1737.66 (50th)
114,881 (586th)
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Title Δ
Difficulty adding multiple classes wit ng-class 0.00
Angular directive this undefined 0.00
AngularJS: ng-show for highest value of $index in ng-repeat 0.00
Installing Angular Material, "Failed to instantiate module ngM... 0.00
How to combine these 2 ng-class statements? -0.53
How to use ngChange on a div (or something similar) +0.49
one-way binding with ng-if in angular? +0.20
why if condition is not working in checkbox? -1.05
CSS Transition not working accordingly 0.00
Having trouble styling Schema text -0.23
Inject dependency to the angularjs directive using typescript +0.21
slide toggle on ul li 0.00
Provider dependancy not working in Config AngularJS +0.61
Modifying a model in directive +0.96
How do I access the service provider when registering using typescr... 0.00
Angular directive dependency injection - TypeScript +0.21
How to remove Angular ng-invalid while typing? -0.78
spyOn listener watch function not working 0.00
Module '"angular2/angular2"' has no exported memb... +0.89
Trying to spy (Jasmine) on Array.prototype methods causes stack ove... 0.00
Apply $compile and $scope to external div text moved into ng-view e... 0.00
angularjs - Disable access to $scope and stop manipulation from the... 0.00
How to `replaceWith` directive element with template in directive 0.00
background image isn't showed with the creation of the directive 0.00
Number filter filters number down to two decimals, but does not dis... +0.20
Angular promises - cannot read property then of undefined 0.00
AngularJS: Routes with Multiple resolves using Services are not fir... 0.00
Angular scope not affecting ng-show as expected 0.00
Angular.JS how to add a delay to Instant Search? 0.00
How to make synchronous AJAX requests in AngularJS controller +0.52
Curly braces in ng-repeat - Syntax? +0.21
Unknown provider: $modalInstanceProvider <- $modalInstance in An... 0.00
How to angularjs app.service and $q in typescript 0.00
How to make sibling directives communication work( communication be... -0.79
ngClass string binding expression with class map +1.03
ng-repeat not updating on rootScope change +0.22
how to use ng-class calling a controller function +0.22
Testing an Angular directive using Jasmine 2's spyOn 0.00
AngularJS and Youtube, call a script when video finishes playing 0.00
angular.element($window).scrollTop() is throwing "is not a fun... 0.00
$modalInstance dialog box closes, but screen remains grayed out and... +0.21
Are dependencies shared? 0.00
ngRepeat track by: How to add event hook on model change? 0.00
debounce not firing inside $scope.$watch +0.19
Angularjs service typerror undefined is not a function +0.20
Pass parameter from controller to service in Angular 0.00
Changing the color of the links in my bootstrap navbar +0.21
how to properly handle variable scope in AngularJS +0.21
Error: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'this.props.menuO... 0.00
How does angular.equals evaluate invalid date objects? 0.00