An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1468.86 (4,394,387th)
947 (160,439th)
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Title Δ
Wiremock- Verifying unique JSON matches expected? +0.36
How to encrypt/decrypt a password from a JPasswordField Java +4.66
How to store an ArrayList in a file? -3.28
Gradle building old version of code 0.00
Golang project directory structure -3.67
Use ast to get all function calls in a function 0.00
Create a copy of xml file in memory in java -1.10
How to hide a file in android? -3.91
Java anti-hacking. How protect .class file from being changed in my... -3.46
Avoiding Concurrent Modification 0.00
How can I use methods from a different class in Java? +0.25
Decryption Given final block not padded properly error 0.00
Calculating the time difference between two GMT time instances as S... +0.19
Java generics: actual argument T cannot be converted to int by meth... +0.59
Configuration of ThreadPoolExecutor 0.00
android: saving json to sqlite 0.00
Is it necessary to use generics with ArrayList? -2.99
Inheritance in enum -4.07
Download images from a HTTPS URL in Java 0.00
List of 2D Arrays return last array -2.43
Read/Write objects and lists to file 0.00
I have an object of an outer class. How do I get the object of the... -1.23
Giving current timestamp as folder name in java +1.11
How to navigate activitie's layout through tabs android java -0.06
Continue command without loop structure -0.20
How do I play a .wav file in Java without it halting my program? 0.00
android change datetime format 0.00
Why am I receiving java.lang.NullPointerException error -0.04
Suggest for working together with a shared project -3.87
best way to linking android application to another one 0.00
Cannot inherit inside same package in Java -2.29
I can not open Eclipse -0.07
In Javascript: 1.1 - 1 = 0.10000000000000009 -2.28
Images are not rendered correctly 0.00
Include a few .so files 0.00
C# Global variable for all forms -2.20
XNA - Update method vs Draw method +4.03
How can I continuously check whether a file gets deleted and if it... -4.26
Is there any advantage to re-hashing stored passwords at login time? -3.95
Find the parent directory in c# -2.50
location.hash is always empty -0.14
expand the menu for web help generated by madcap 0.00
Open one child form at a time +1.49
Can i Read code from a file and and let that code run in an applica... -0.04
Why does XmlDocument.validate incorrectly validate an invalid xml d... -0.41 application which can opened while opening a folder +3.65
Reliable and fast way to transfer large files over the internet -2.45
Image editing in Android +4.01
Get days from current timestamp in sql query -2.82
Android list applications that can view an unknown file +0.06