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Daniel Fischer

1737.04 (48th)
164,123 (301st)
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Title Δ
haskell -- is -ddump-simpl the best way to get a concrete type? -4.01
Applicative instance for State and other MTL monads? -3.81
Writing "wc -l" using Iteratee library - how to filter fo... -1.31
How to divide big numbers using string +1.04
bit manipulation using int in java +3.67
Cabal rebuild all with enable-shared flag 0.00
Sending posix signals with "signalProcess" function 0.00
Why are boxed vectors so slow? 0.00
Trouble installing yesod 0.00
While loop 'ignores' input? +1.71
How to write a private method that returns True for certain peramat... +3.79
Fixing issues noted by ghc-pkg check +3.91
ghci special case for Applicative? 0.00
polyTypeOf is mysterious 0.00
How do I import the Foldable class into my module? +3.95
Collatz Conjecture and printing statements -1.93
union of two files with array -0.10
Sorting strings doesn't work properly +2.38
Weighted graph problems, TRUE/FALSE + explanation 0.00
Primality test involving Wilson's theorem not working as planned +2.08
Haskell: Conditionally execute external process with Maybe FilePath -1.19
Haskell: iterate in State, how to force the behaviour I want? +3.54
haskell -- odd ambiguous type variable error message for code in &q... +4.47
GCF/LCM in Haskell +4.20
Sigma and Deviation a value of 0 0.00
How can I ensure amortized O(n) concatenation from Data.Vector? 0.00
Haskell: beginner function syntax confusion -2.02
Conditional parsing and casting in Attoparsec 0.00
Undefined Variable, Haskell -2.20
Performant Haskell hashed structure. -3.94
How to make my Haskell program faster? Comparison with C +1.56
Expression evaluation mode in haskell for scripting -1.08
Haskell: Is (MonadPlus m => Bool -> a -> m a) not useful? -0.19
Longest recurring cycle in its decimal fraction - a bug or a misund... +1.28
Why doesn't Data.Text.Lazy.replace and Data.Text.Lazy.append work? -2.37
How do I check and handle numbers very close to zero 0.00
Problem with Project Euler Problem 12 0.00
Why is Sieve of Eratosthenes more efficient than the simple "d... 0.00
How to improve the performance of this Haskell program? 0.00
Cabal not installing dependencies when needing profiling libraries? 0.00
What does #!/usr/bin/... at the start of a file mean? 0.00