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Ayxan Haqverdili

1571.17 (3,811th)
1,618 (101,254th)
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Title Δ
Correct way of freeing memory of a vector of structs 0.00
I've got a problem with c++ about <stdio.h> library? 0.00
Is there a way to return to the top of a while loop without evaluat... 0.00
Will a modern C++ compiler optimize away false constexpr conditiona... 0.00
"Lambdas are cheap" - Really? Under what circumstances? 0.00
Conditional template type math 0.00
How to pass by reference a C++ array as a function parameter? 0.00
c++ version of Python's os module 0.00
Is there any better way to implement the try..catch mechanism? 0.00
passing in int* for int[][] C/C++ 0.00
How to detect the size of the parameters that are passed through el... 0.00
How to print a specific row of a multidimensional array 0.00
Perfect forwarding with a specific type 0.00
For a c++ set, what is set.size()&1? 0.00
Is it possible to default-initialize a temporary variable? 0.00
What is the greatest number of unique keywords you can add to a var... 0.00
Down sides of abusing O(1) lookup of a hash table? 0.00
How to expand previously initialized memory size? 0.00
Why is the code is not removing "u" from the input string? 0.00
Overload tuple indexing operator - C++ 0.00
Google Play Licencing for an Android app in Android Studio 0.00
Why is const word not used with ostream object in overloading <&... 0.00
C++: Are local automatic variables initialized or not? Stroustrup e... +2.28
Why doesn't C++ support smart analysis of uninitialised variabl... -0.63
How to write the same function with same name that handles differen... +1.97
What type sizes in C are going to be constant on any given platform? +1.44
base ten number to array of bool that repricent a binary/base 2 num... -0.92
Why does a C compiler not throw a warning when using bitshifting on... -1.08
Is there any better way to sort three integers in C++? +1.37
What could I summarize this c++ program??? It is a counting loop fo... +0.41
Operator += applied to std::valarray<int*> -0.89
Why can I use memcpy to copy one object variable to another 0.00
How do we use nested if else with #define preprocessor +1.68
C++: static analysis for const? 0.00
dynamic memory allocation to create array of objects using construc... 0.00
C++, should I call destructor? -2.33
template sum function freezes for char +0.92
C++ templates with various types based on input 0.00
How to iterate through a vector that is part of a struct? +0.41
How to overload + to sum 2 objects that are matrix in c++? 0.00
Initializing a c++ 11 style singleton 0.00
Const member init -0.05
Fizz Buzz: Ideal solution 0.00
How to make std::string compatible with char*? +0.99
pass address of an object to another object C++ +2.23
Returning custom string from exception::what() -0.88
std::array::iterator that ignores the size template +1.62
Passing a callback function pointer to a function in another class -0.61
How to I write type custom conversions for enums? 0.00
How to use several pointers to one twodimensional array in c? -1.05