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Rating Stats for

Andy L.

1567.59 (4,361st)
5 (2,388,167th)
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Title Δ
Cumulative sum in Python without the current row +0.37
Pandas - extract numeric values from string column using replace +... -1.54
Condition Shift in Pandas +0.36
Adding new columns to a dataframe -0.10
transform 1D array of list to 2D array 0.00
Split Series of tuples into multiple columns +2.03
Counting elements of an array in Python -0.61
how can I drop rows in pandas where count and sum are 1 +1.49
Compute cumulative euclidean distances between subsequent pairwise... +0.17
Summing three consecutive number when equal to or great than 0 - Py... +0.46
Pandas: Groupby count as column value +1.16
Array Broadcasting without for loop +1.63
sum rows in 3d numpy +1.79
Numpy get index of arange in 2d array 0.00
Rebuild pandas Dataframe -1.02
How to order 3 columns in series? python pandas -2.43
unpivot MultiIndex DataFrame with pd.melt() +1.64
Pandas find most bought item given ClientID ItemID ItemQuantity -0.02
Python - Remove ID Rows if Value does not exist in a given date dif... -0.30
Pandas Unique Values as Columns with Counts -0.45
How to fill missing values based on the current values using Python? -1.73
Efficient way to count frequency of values in an array while keepin... +0.41
Create a temp column for an aggregation -2.30
Find missing days and grouping +1.20
Pandas Groupby: Warning message after performing cumsum() over diff... 0.00
Python Pandas: groupby one column, aggregate in only one other colu... +0.69
How to get previous row with condition in a DataFrame of Pandas -0.20
How to reorder the first n dataframe columns, and add remaining col... +1.95
How to extract only uppercase substring from pandas series? +0.09
Grouping results of a groupby with too numerous cases into a "... -0.31
How to append a last column (1d array) to a 2d numpy array in python? -0.59
How to efficiently assign a column value based on the occurance of... -1.02
Inserting missing quarterly earnings dates within index -1.99
pandas: replicating an excel formula in pandas 0.00
Find Indexes that Maps a Numpy Array to Another 0.00
Counting number of occurrences in numpy 2D array +2.06
Average of column value over all values before -1.05
How to split every row in dataframe into two with some features? +2.42
How to make text processing in a pandas df column more faster for l... +0.92
Pandas PIVOT Dataframe and combine columns names by levels +0.42
simpleimputer is not working with my data 0.00
Pandas fill column with row value +1.41
How to sum based on the condition of two columns and presented in c... -1.70
Is there a fast way to get all neighbor elements in a list? +2.01
Perform calculation for different group python pandas +0.10
How to groupby two columns and calculate the summation of rows usin... +1.81
how can I find the frequency? +0.58
Convert dataframe cell containing dictionary to dataframe with new... +0.94
Pandas - Replace Duplicates with Nan and Keep Row +1.24
Selecting patterns in character sequence using regex +0.42