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1521.80 (25,801st)
16,212 (8,580th)
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Title Δ
Cannot catch access violation exception by use of C++ catch(...) 0.00
Why is an "unsigned int" NOT different from an EOF - can... 0.00
not able to assign value to class function using constructor 0.00
Why would a new[] expression ever invoke a destructor? -0.79
How std::find_last_of actually works? +0.47
multiple string literals to const char* in same assignment statement -0.93
Checking if window of specific application is in minimized state? 0.00
Using C++, test existence of static member using SFINAE, return wro... 0.00
Some trouble in struct _stack* and Digit::struct_stack* 0.00
GCC : C++11 inline object initialization (using "this") d... +2.15
Can a template parameter name of a function template be used more t... 0.00
Safety of placement new and std::destroy_at in typed std::array? 0.00
Partial specialization using Concepts -0.46
Why can static local object be accessed via pointer or reference fr... 0.00
Declaring defaulted assignment operator as constexpr: which compile... -0.89
Using type from inline namespace in cpp file does not work in MSVS 0.00
Pointer output issue in C++ -1.46
Why does calling a class method with a pointer which is NULL work? +1.68
Does c++ allow function call outside any funtion? 0.00
extract value after decimal -0.56
Why does exchanging variable name changes output of C program? -0.41
C++ classes and vectors -0.04
Deduce a parameter pack from specific member of all pack elements 0.00
Macro redefined 0.00
Is array::operator[] actually noexcept? -2.23
operator overloading and function overloading producing ambiguous c... -1.70
why gcc can automatically tag a symbol as weak 0.00
Constexpr variable captured inside lambda loses its constexpr-ness -0.94
Does string::capacity/reserve() count terminating null? +2.46
Copy Map from the second element onwards to another Map +0.42
How to use virtual keyword in case of multilevel inheritance 0.00
Understanding of Pointers in long integer data type via programming 0.00
Aggregate list initialization with another aggregate object 0.00
Linker in C++ is accepting Functions with same parameters and diffe... +2.42
find an element in std::vector of std::any -1.10
Why destructor called after 'return 0'? +1.09
Why is a "nested-comment" not supported in C++? +2.64
Why does Visual Studio 2017 shows me error, when I use std::wstring? 0.00
What is the benefit of max_digits10 being 0 on references to floati... +0.37
return a constructible from a variant being constructed from an alt... 0.00
Change only a specific Default Parameter on a function +1.15
How to check two arrays, a random generated and user inputed array... +0.47
std::mutex as class member, and store class obect to container +0.46
c++ - expression did not evaluate to a constant - using constant fr... +2.48
Why doesn't C++ destruct the object by run-time type? +0.44
what function were called when initiate a string with both char arr... 0.00
How to operate on LLVM Bitvectors? 0.00
Specialize template template parameter with a non-type template par... 0.00
C++ using declaration, typedef and array type 0.00
friend overloaded operators of a derived class and base member access 0.00