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1550.25 (7,611th)
20,510 (6,590th)
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Title Δ
Function interleaving in pre C++17 +1.96
Does the default constructor represent zero for generic types in C++ +2.50
Including and excluding types from template instantiation +0.98
C/C++: extract a subset of one enum to form a new enum -0.07
Why can't the free function begin operate on C arrays while std... 0.00
C++ proper way to inline initialize member variables -0.41
Why is declaring a variable in switch statement allowed? but not de... 0.00
Is there any way to get random from enum class in c++? 0.00
Why does GCC 9.1.0 sometimes complain about this use of strncpy()? +0.45
Why malloc and sbrk returns address from seperate segments? +1.92
Why in below code return type is class type used for operator overl... -0.08
Create new vector from others, using only duplicates 0.00
Can attributes be applied to constructor parameters? +0.43
C++: Casting Member Function Pointer +0.37
How to compare equality of 2 boost::icl::interval_set 0.00
Typecast an uint32 number to a struct pointer? +1.06
Empty Character Constant in C 0.00
Trying to find the number of words without counting the spaces +0.40
Function access using macros 0.00
Move Constructor choosen instead of Copy. [reference to std] 0.00
std::list sentinel node from standard point of view +0.50
Initialize all struct members of struct array in C, using designate... +2.17
Preprocessor "invalid integer constant expression" compar... 0.00
Is it possible to use an #if directive with a template non-type arg... +0.44
What is the principle for behavior of boost adding month? 0.00
OpenMP segfault when accessing array 0.00
what is the different between struct stat * buffer and &buffer... 0.00
How to initialize a char array without the null terminator? 0.00
Is the Intel C++ Compiler (19.0) now only using the Clang front-end... 0.00
Iterate through struct inside a struct C++ 0.00
Pointer of a union 0.00
Uninitialized warning needs -O2 +1.11
What is the rationale of making subtraction of two pointers not rel... +0.38
Error: "x" was not declared on this scope when using clas... 0.00
How to use a nested class as type in a template class? 0.00
How much memory do 1000 shared pointers take? 0.00
unable to return shared_ptr from static function in pybind11 0.00
Uninitialized constexpr allowed with gcc 0.00
What if the child exits before the parent calls wait()? +1.66
Avoiding ambiguity in overload resolution +0.44
Trying to flip the order of bits in std::bitset 0.00
Passing a String Array to a Function +1.12
do vendors implement new and malloc as small object allocators? +0.21
Inheritance in C++: define variables in parent-child classes -0.55
C++ ignore input string +1.87
Does NDK support C++14? 0.00
When (and why) was Python `__new__()` introduced? +2.09
aligning function declarations in clang-format 0.00
Is using type aliases for STL Containers bad practice if your team... -0.83
A nonstatic member reference error in Array using c++ +0.42