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1479.03 (4,500,270th)
28,446 (4,381st)
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Title Δ
Program terminated with signal SIGABRT, Aborted. terminate called a... 0.00
constructing object from temporary -1.69
Is there an elegant and fast way to test for the 1-bits in an integ... -1.17
How can I rid a string of all leading and trailing non 'a-z'... +0.02
Explaining "counting the number of subgrids" solution in... 0.00
c++ aggregate has incomplete type and cannot be defined with templa... -1.79
convert program from x86 to x64 0.00
SIMD, SSE, AVX - mask 8 floats by unsigned char? 0.00
C++ equivalent of python's expandtabs() function? -1.82
Balanced parenthesis problem why check if its empty? 0.00
What is the use of last--; here? -0.84
error C2227: left of '->yr' must point to class/struct/u... 0.00
How do i implement lazy initialization and caching in an immutable... 0.00
Virtual class inheritance object size issue -1.34
Protected base class member not accessible from derived class const... 0.00
Checking for palindrome between two indices +0.90
Can we map an array to a integer? -0.81
How do I iterate equal values with the standard library? -1.45
Find the N-th smallest round integer -0.17
Is there a way to get the value_type from a template var which is f... -1.36
How to fix "teminated due to timeout" error in the proble... 0.00
Problem with declaring a dynamic array of pointers to strings +2.07
Deallocating memory through a function - is this right? +2.14
How can I declare a global compile-time constant for std::array? 0.00
Copying a linked list to a reference to a linkedlist 0.00
How to properly use string::erase +1.80
What is the difference between a new pointer and a simple pointer +2.63
C++: Is it possible to make a multitype function parameter? -0.55
C++ Array Pointers Error cannot convert ‘int*’ to ‘int**’ 0.00
Deallocation using vector in c++ +2.28
Is it legal to have a reference member referencing another member? -1.46
How can I improve the efficiency of my solution for Prime Generator... -0.47
Concept polymorphism in C++ 0.00
How can I assign an int array to linkedlist struct? +0.53
Specialize member functions based on size of member container +1.91
How to define an inline free function (non member function) in C++? +0.53
How to pass a static const char as parameter to a function? 0.00
How can I derive an output type for the template function? -0.90
Template specialization with enable_if fails in Clang, works with GCC -1.31
Composite map: take data from another Map -1.32
inline overload throwing errors c++ +2.40
template template parameter in std::pair -0.76
Inline c++ method in assembly +2.71
Should I assume weak pointer usage if there is any cyclic relations... -1.69
Can I create a std::vector of a struct without defining the struct... -1.94
How to recognize the meaning of a linked list function in c++ -0.74
How to define a recursive function which will square a positive int... +0.00
Efficiently find an integer not in a set of size 40, 400, or 4000 +1.41
Will move from unique to shared pointer also initialize enable_shar... -1.44
What is the point of making an argument that is passed by value con... +2.85