An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1494.98 (4,157,465th)
568 (243,357th)
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Title Δ
Command line parsing lib VLang -3.98
How do I tidy up my table? -4.32
php string with all space changing -0.04
Replacing a 32-bit loop count variable with 64-bit introduces crazy... -1.29
For loop over template arguments/types -1.84
Beanstalk/Pheanstalk not working in background 0.00
Can't send data form angularjs to php service 0.00
I'm Confused with Memcache vs Memcached vs php5-memcache 0.00
PHP Max for multiple values to be displayed -3.42
Calling function inside other function in javascript +3.45
Unexpected behavior from bind -2.09
How to change text color using javascript for loop? -2.19
How to create "calculate" button? +3.76
PHP Session Header does not change URL -0.08
php pcntl_signal with proc_open 0.00
How to Insert Php into jQuery show -0.17
How to load $.ajax (jquery) response to iframe every 20 seconds? +3.75
Attempting to count a certain string and how many times it repeats.... 0.00
Changing value on keydown event refreshes page -2.13
Input field in GET form: don't supply parameter in URL? +3.92
how to store variable values over multiple page loads +1.66
PHP CLI won't log errors 0.00
Syntax Highlighting Pager 0.00
How can I set Emacs tab settings by file type? 0.00