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Rating Stats for

Maksym Fedorov

1570.24 (4,016th)
4,232 (39,541st)
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Title Δ
Place For Common Functions in MVC PHP -0.10
Is there a logic problem or a bug in PhpStorm? +0.20
Check if class can be instantiated without parameters +1.01
PHP: pass global variable to finction? +0.40
creating link with query string array by yii2 0.00
How to display anything in php in between particular time duration? -0.13
How can i restrict my clients with selected methods from the class? +0.54
VARCHAR vs TEXT performance when data fits on row +0.21
How to get rid of unnecessary queries, when requesting expand param... 0.00
How can i get access to static method through variable? +0.40
How to add css class in return in span tag 0.00
Chain of Responsibility, what exactly does this pattern mean? 0.00
How do I do create an instance of the same class that the method be... -1.99
Mysql single query to get the records if any record is active or in... +1.90
Getting static object reference from object container and calling i... 0.00
Yii2 file validation always shows empty 0.00
Increase Value of Array Index? -1.00
loop through associative array key -0.10
Count(*) in SQL spanning multiple columns +0.04
Checking for null values in a user object +1.80
pass a variable inside bear token +0.96
Edit SQL event properties on DBeaver 0.00
How to add column to a table based on another columns value in SQL 0.00
How should I handle exceptions thrown by logger while handling anot... +0.40
how to subtract value from 2 columns -2.40
MySQL - update with inner join is creating nulls -0.14
How non static method working statically on localhost +1.87
How to get all distinct words of a specified minimum length from mu... +1.15
Get lowest value in array and include duplicates -0.81
Get records from last one year upto last date of previous month in... +1.18
PHP session has already been started +0.89
Using adapter pattern when consuming 3rd party APIs and creating a... 0.00
Yii2: How to redirect on invalid routes? 0.00
Iteration of loop should produce 16 names not 4 +2.22
Insert file into SQL field and extract back into file +1.11
MySQL - link tables issue (select unique rows) +1.07
select with simple column and aggregate function returning results 0.00
How can I create a variable only if an object property exists? +0.39
Sort Multi dimensional array by Value and not include to sorting if... +0.86
Mysql left join with concatination? -0.71
sql use sum result in query clause +0.57
PHP: convert string to float (only if string represents a float) +0.79
Get first and last date of current month in PHP +0.44
Left join two tables and get the count of records in the second table +0.41
MySQL how to decrease value by 1 with a trigger +1.56
How To Wrap League Flysystem with Dependency Injection -0.88
Build and execute function on the fly [PHP] 0.00
Codeception, don't print a specific action to report 0.00
Days calculation is not given correct days 0.00
Using GROUP_CONCAT with FIND_IN_SET in mysql WHERE clause +0.96