An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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oguz ismail

1751.41 (42nd)
3,760 (44,665th)
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Title Δ
Compare two almost equal strings from Html page 0.00
List command not displaying all output +4.11
How to search and replace html code using bash script? 0.00
The conditional check is not being executed it just prints the echo... 0.00
bash: iterate the variable in nested for loop -3.95
Unscramble words Challange - improve my bash solution +2.68
Output difference of images to text file 0.00
How to add a space after a comma if it does not exist within the 6t... -1.82
Concatenate text files, separating them with a new line +0.88
Waiting for multiple processes in bash with set -e +0.80
Regex not working as field separator on awk -2.98
bash shell script: Zip folder and all the content under not any dir... 0.00
How to separate a comma delimited file and place each word in a var... 0.00
Nest array into new object with JQ +5.12
Start independent job steps and keep track of highest exit code +4.49
How to collect multiple lines in a variable in shell script -1.72
Add length of following line to current line in bash -3.66
Is there a programatic way to create video content from still images? 0.00
jq dividing a single string value into two 0.00
need help understanding bash syntax -2.50
Use command expansion as argument of `for` loop or initializing an... -2.99
FFMPEG: Issue with -t Option 0.00
Appending characters from two variables in bash +1.20
How to read the last executed command comment (after #) in bash? -3.84
Splitting out a large file -3.08
Unknown bash expression with $RANDOM +4.13