An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1430.70 (4,535,353rd)
3,864 (43,423rd)
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Title Δ
List comparison of element -1.22
Python3 read file and assigning the output -1.70
Making a list in a list: making lists of words from words in a word... -0.16
what operation is needed to get the output using list input text an... 0.00
Python enum iteration over subset +2.43
How to know the index number of all specific numbers in a list in p... -0.61
How to check if value exist in list with line separated inside elem... +2.47
Take a list and convert it into a list of strings? +0.45
Delete the 1st instance of duplicated items and keep others in .txt... 0.00
Delete all values in a list in a dictionary +1.49
Python - How to split if a value contains more than 2 characters an... -0.39
How can I print a single list from a .txt file in Python? +0.19
Remove duplicates values across the multi-dimensional array in python +0.30
function that creates a new words by given pattern -0.35
Python 3 - Difficulty looping function +0.60
Python, Change String of Words +0.41
NameError: name is not defined when using it in if statement -0.01
defining a function that gives me the distance between 2 dates +0.10
String method and lists 0.00
Converting a CSV file into a JSON file using python +1.46
Comparing two lists of sets +1.68
Merge lists with duplicated items which are withing one big list -0.44
How to get index of the last item with a given value -0.74
Most pythonic way to convert integer to English ordered string? +0.72
Looping over a list and a nested dictionary -0.39
How to give out the mode of a list without using the functions: dic... +2.91
Python - Adding all values of a list together but skipping strings +0.12
Find an element from a list in a dictionary and return that key +0.13
Using a Text file to count certain words in PYTHON +0.11
Joining side by side words from list in Python +0.05
String slicing in python issue -0.97
compare a list with values in dictionary -0.37
print the reverse of algebraic expression 0.00
Finding first digit index in Python loop? -0.23
Difference in structure nested lists and nested dictionaries 0.00
python - is it possible to compare the list between 2 lists using t... -0.37
New array need to generated using existing array +0.08
How to print a sequence stacked in a "pyramid" with alter... +0.41
convert/map python dictionary to a list, by using the key as the li... -0.34
How do I remove a date pattern from a string? -0.39
create list based on values in two other lists -0.48
Print the lowest numeric value from a text file -0.75
is there an alternative to using mod "%" in python -1.28
get unique value from sorted dictionary -0.39
Python formatting a table through loop with a guide list +0.23
How to handle text file in python +0.27
How to 'enter' every n number in a nested for loop using py... -0.93
How to slice a list (or create sublists) based on elements in origi... +0.88
Sum of squares function -1.02
Best method to get variable that does not equal a count function pa... +0.20