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Robert Harvey

1548.63 (8,363rd)
152,591 (368th)
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Title Δ
How to use Dapper to automatically map remaining columns to diction... 0.00
how to solve System.StackOverflowException? 0.00
Async Method Using Generic Func<T> -0.12
As string is stored as array of characters then why in this questio... +0.44
using conditionals in lambda functions +1.35
Why doesn't malloced string not work with strcat? 0.00
An object reference is required for the non-static field, method, o... 0.00
Get id from stored procedure insert with Dapper in .NET Core 0.00
Do you inject dependencies in the constructor even if the class doe... -0.25
Web application in ASP.NET Core MVC 0.00
Scanf for not the same amount of data in C +0.43
What are prototypes in programming? -2.41
C language Changing For Loop to While loop 0.00
c# string to c++ wstring using Encoding.Unicode.Getbytes() +0.17
Combine two files and put data next to each other in C 0.00
Why do Uint8Array and Uint32Array have different binary representat... 0.00
I'm getting an infinite true bool error when I try to compile t... -1.32
C language - usage of struct to form Matrix 0.00
Why is there no program-data independence in traditional file proce... 0.00
malloc memory allocating for the struct in C problem +0.43
Foreach Loop Within A Foreach Loop In A Method And Return Values 0.00
Problem with C code, I'm serching for maximum and minimum +0.77
How to handle flags smartly to avoid warning "This expression... +1.39
Do computations in F# call Dispose() on completion? 0.00
numeric format strings #,#0.00 vs #,0.00 +0.42
why do we need static methods in class of javascript +0.43
Clearing MacOS terminal in .Net Core C# 0.00
C# Using a string to name an instance of a class +0.40
Base64 decoding - bit shift results in unexpected end of char array... 0.00
Java return with recursion function +0.43
problem saving an array of strings to a file in C -0.16
Printing Labels Programmatically in Access -0.07
Why CLR don't allow call the same assembly function when this a... +0.85
How do I handle a click event using the ObjectListView library? 0.00
c# How to dapperRow to strongly typed object displayed in grid view 0.00
Assign address to void pointer passed by reference -1.55
.net core 3. Unload assemblies 0.00
How do I insert a slide into another PowerPoint slide using OpenXML? 0.00
Is it good to put all C necessary headers on one header file? -0.35
How can I still capture a mouse click after the ComboBox is disabled? -0.57
Getting an error message - "java.base/java.lang.StringConcatHe... 0.00
Can arrays be resized in C# +0.28
Migrating MS Access 2013 DB to better work from home solution +1.84
Weird characters randomly appearing when converting int arr to stri... 0.00
DataGridTemplateColumn.CellEditingTemplate converting a TextBox to... -0.57
Why it is good or bad idea to add "Change Tracking of fields&q... +0.44
Is it possible to have method only accessible after certain conditi... +0.10
An exception of type 'Newtonsoft.Json.JsonSerializationExceptio... +0.23
How to pass c# object to Oracle? 0.00