An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1489.89 (4,417,953rd)
821 (182,183rd)
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Title Δ
Extract numbers from a string kotlin 0.00
How to adjust an overlay location in response to PhotoView zoom/pan -0.02
Switching YouTube user with OAuth2 shows previous user's data i... 0.00
SSRS report listing all available colors 0.00
Committing Stored Procedures to SVN Repository -4.03
Displaying empty rows in Android listview 0.00
Using MS ReportViewer with MFC 0.00
Email notification from existing SQL-based application -0.04
Passing parameter to ssrs report in query-string in SharePoint 2010 0.00
Installshield - need to remove Products with "bad" upgrad... 0.00
Is there a performance penalty for a trigger with no code? -3.91
Get the last 24 hour job record form msdb.dbo.sysjobhistory 0.00
Launch remote assistance request? 0.00
Windows 7 Gadget debugging with Visual Studio 2010 0.00
Prevent a large textbox from getting put on the second page in SSRS -1.00
Restricting results from a SQL query -0.52
SQL Server Error: "Cannot use empty object or column names" -0.60
In search of JavaScript Month Picker 0.00
String.Format like functionality in T-SQL? 0.00
What are good grep tools for Windows? 0.00