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Ben Voigt

1623.57 (995th)
242,067 (170th)
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Title Δ
Is it possible to use glScalef on a bitmap that is drawn with glBit... 0.00
How do I loop a switch function in C# 0.00
You should not call Dispose more than one time on an object (CA2202) 0.00
How to draw this circle instead of Bresenham's Circle Algorithm 0.00
User defined literal operator error in C++ 0.00
Key already exists in unordered_map, but "find" returns a... 0.00
error compiling code - 'for' loop initial declarations are... 0.00
OpenGL 4 - Euler rotations not making any sense 0.00
C# timer with long tick event 0.00
C# return from base method 0.00
Working with strings in C++11 how to satisfy conditions? 0.00
Windows serial port reading is extremely slow compared to theory 0.00
Identify which USB device is /dev/ttyUSB0 0.00
Why am i getting segmentation fault when trying IPC using shared me... 0.00
Is there a function like ExtractIconEx but for in-memory data inste... 0.00
C++: Can someone explain generally how to design/write a destructor... -0.18
Get file size on disk from file size 0.00
Available stack size for C++ thread 0.00
Process.Handle is not constant? -0.66
What type of cast is suitable to convert from unsigned char* to cha... +1.33
What's the best way to parse a packet data in c++? +1.60
KernelBase.dll exception code 0x0EEDFADE (but no crash) when Visual... 0.00
Dynamically change the behavior of member functions in C++ 0.00
Is it possible to hold multiple types of enums in a variable in C++? -0.22
Is there a way in C++ to restrict a function of a given class to an... +1.78
Argument 1: cannot convert from 'void' to 'System.Actio... 0.00
Why won't the FindFirstFile function accept my pointer to a dat... +1.89
Local DB Connection quit after Windows and VS Update 0.00
System.AccessViolationException error when stored callback is execu... 0.00
Passing unmanaged method as callback to managed C++/CLI class 0.00
Convert from int array to char array 0.00
Why does the actual node have to be a pointer? +0.32
How to efficiently search raw byte data for first instance of speci... 0.00
"void value not ignored as it ought to be" When trying to... -2.55
&&: cannot use this indirection on type PixelFormat 0.00
Is it undefined behavior to run a member function in a separate thr... -0.94
2D array slicing -0.99
Binary change of basis in C/C++ 0.00
Remove element from a list on KeyUp event 0.00
How can I use reflection to instance a class which takes ReadOnlySp... 0.00
Finding USB comport numbers using VID,PID,+SN 0.00
Split ifstream in n streams? -0.17
Best way to read a short array from disk in C#? -0.16
How expensive is Timer.Change? 0.00
MSVC C/C++ compiler undefined behavior warning +0.71
How to open a handle to a device using its Device Instance ID? -0.51
How to Send & Receive data in Serial-port in win-forms C# -0.17
Why is the following shell command working when executed directly i... 0.00
How to create a function pointer having a function signature, possi... +0.31
Running MSVC 'cl.exe' from Git Bash (MINGW64) -0.73