An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1449.50 (4,405,848th)
22,567 (5,795th)
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Title Δ
Display planner events each week from start date until end date +1.36
How to assign indexes to your datatable rows in sqlite in large dat... +0.56
Comparing large databases +0.58
Do I need to worry about a SQL injection for an SSRS report that us... +0.57
How to move an element in an array to the last element? +0.08
if the same item in all four comboboxes are chosen +0.08
How to structure database with localization? +0.58
Database scheme for storing sensor measurements -1.45
Relation database design,one to many paradigm -1.65
How to choose attribute and table? 0.00
Surrogate-key in ViewModel instead of primary-key +0.30
Gmail store single copy of mail for both sender and receiver? -0.89
COUNT() return 0 on certain column +1.57
How to give a database constraint to ensure this behavior in a table? +2.52
Database Design for a survey system +0.07
How to correct the error "invalid use of group function"? 0.00
Visual Basic Divide Double Randomly based on Divisor -0.54 reports tablix aplhanumeric sort +0.24
Check if image column is Null VB.NET -0.42
Database Setup: Recording Delta or Total Value +0.56
SQL table design for ISCO / International Standard Classification o... +2.00
How to make an integer larger than any other integer? +0.18
SQL Schema - car model with modifiers as unique 0.00
When is it bad to store a user setting or information in the main u... +0.56
MySQL Email Compare and Unsubscribe From Do Not Send List 0.00
Does putting integrity constraints decrease performance? +1.06
Database table design, use one field or two? +2.00
Is this good implementation of action-based user levelling system? 0.00
Center a block of floats on the screen -0.40
Disjoint ERD relationship 0.00
How to htmlencode body but not heading of gridview +0.17
Edit Lines of list box items -0.44
Comparing current date with Date.Now() consideres current date as P... +1.45
Performance: I have some parseable text. Save parsed vs. save raw a... 0.00
State column in a database table -2.05
Database design for application with wiki-like functions 0.00
Factory pattern with generics +1.65
error using UNC name in IIS +0.08
random string as surrogate key -0.42
Designing a database for stock control +0.32
Saving to the Database while keeping the UI responsive VB.NET 0.00
How to store tree structure in sql? -0.82
Composite Primary Key Constraint -0.02
Tables design for a simple messaging system +0.58
Database design for create/revise/delete request form 0.00
How do I rationalize a relational model with too many cross-referen... 0.00
Store small array as multiple columns in SQL -0.16
Tables that reference each other -0.45
Database Structure without Delimited Values 0.00
Linking a chain of IDs (self referential table) -1.60