An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1788.42 (12th)
105,338 (680th)
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Title Δ
insert string read from a file to a linked list 0.00
java synchronization and exception handling -0.50
Building thrift service on Windows 7 +3.72
How do I include an integer in a string? +1.60
unable to match function definition to an existing declaration 0.00
Is it possible to restrict a template? -2.08
Single class instance is different in GUI exe and dll -4.12
Readline function in C outputs weird results 0.00
Casting a Function Pointer -1.99
Copying data from one text file to another in C -0.79
Debug Warning: String is not null terminated. Any idea what could i... -0.21
Ofstream doesn't work well? -4.10
C/C++ Scope in two different .cpp files +0.41
Dynamic Array of char Pointer +0.09
How to simplify structs using a template? +3.76
deleting a char array with cast to char*? +2.23
Encapsulating a vector +3.00
Check data structure for current time and delete if found ? 0.00
#define string cast to LPCSTR or std::string +1.50
What do these function typedefs mean? -0.05
Need help loading simple text data with c++ +1.03
Pass character array by value and return a new character array from... -2.64
unable to call a thread in dll file 0.00
Passing value to a function -0.34
How to combine shell commands +3.66
Remove Duplicates in Vector? +1.68
Define member in class, but actual type not known till run time -0.54
Pointer to member function for as argument for global function +2.64
How to parse a string containing spaces in C++? +3.88
Read a binary file and print its content (Web Server) +3.86
How can I create related types dynamically? +3.70
weird issue with output to text in C +4.12
C++ templates: template argument error +4.43
vc++ unresolved external symbol (cannot call constructor) -4.19
Initialization array of pointers to functions +3.40
Run application as guest or with limited privileges under Windows w... 0.00
Stop application when user initiates a log off / shutdown operation +3.37
Amount of numbers in the array that are equal to the user entered n... -3.28