An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Kevin Brown

1487.10 (4,453,532nd)
5,844 (27,972nd)
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Title Δ
Running Elm 0.18 and 0.19 on the same machine -4.10
button should get a diffrent color when clicked on but instead the... +1.24
Rails 5: form_for vs form_with 0.00
How to change div content while generating a new URL - AJAX? 0.00
Rails: Refile for documents to download +0.12
Parsing js object from YAML +0.13
What is the benefit of the 'paperclip' gem styles option? +3.53
How to override opacity for a child +0.07
Rails 4/Mongoid can't post array 0.00
Ruby on Rails: Login through Twitter Bootstrap Modal 0.00
rake db:migrate giving error for mysql2 -2.13
How to set opacity to the background color of a div? +1.89
jquery - multiple buttons with respective value incrementing on click -1.24
How to position tabs to the right side of tab bar? 0.00
jQuery CSS not applying +0.28
Simple jQuery question +0.14
PHP: Change color of text based on $value 0.00
Codeigniter: Count columns not NULL for user 0.00
jQuery validation: .each with form -3.44
jQuery Shopping Cart animation plugins 0.00
Why is my menu DIV overflowing its parent? -3.84
Tips for communicating with non programmers +0.70
ExpressionEngine wiki talk forum module 0.00
CI PHP if statement w/ sql syntax +1.48
WordPress Help? +4.25
jQuery form submission/effects improvement? -1.28
jQuery form submission/effects improvement? -1.28
jQuery form submission/effects improvement? -1.28
Internet Explorer margin issue inside div with padding -2.10
Is there a reliable way to position content off to the sides of a d... -2.07
The trick to design a webpage very fast -0.95
Sidemenu overlaps when browser window is restored +0.06
Choosing the right design for a website? +3.44
Where can i get a good guideline/suggestion on designing a complex... -0.76
When and why to 'return false' in javascript? -3.82
Adding a sorter parser based on data sample from a cell column +0.12
Internet Explorer 6 and 7: floated elements expand to 100% width wh... -2.05
Expression Engine: Change status outside admin section 0.00
In search of JavaScript Month Picker 0.00